Answer What are Passive Ways to Earn from Crypto?



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Jun 18, 2018
Can somebody tell me what are the most popular passive/semi-passive ways to earn from crypto?
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Jun 18, 2018
Passive Ways to Earn from Crypto

When we are told about earning from crypto, we usually imagine 24/7 trading on exchanges or regular purchasing of tokens during ICO. However, there are other ways that do not require our active participation and time: they can be semi-passive (they require little time) or completely passive (they do not require time at all). You can choose your method — depending on the available capital and willing to give anything new a go.

Passive Methods

Blockchains on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm (PoS) allow you to earn additional coins by staking your coins. In exchange for helping secure the network and locking up your capital, you receive a proportional amount of the coin’s inflation. There are many PoS-coins, which differ in the methods of implementation and rewards — here you can see their list and links to the characteristics. A specific type of PoS is a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS), where people vote for delegates, rather than staking as individuals. Rewards tend to be slightly higher in DPoS coins, such as Ark and Lisk.


The initial setup amount differs depending on the coin; some require you to set up a consistently-online node, whereas others, such as Ark, require only a one-time setup through a wallet. Nodes staking often show better results than simple methods, due to the fact that it takes longer and requires a higher rate. Stacking on Ark can provide about 10% of revenue without much preparation, apart from owning coins and a delegate selecting.

Exchange income

Some exchanges, such as Kucoin and COSS, contain tokens that will allow you to receive a share of the fees charged by the exchange. As a rule, a certain percentage of fees collected by the exchange is returned to token holders, and this percentage provides you with dividends that are proportional to the number of your tokens. This method is not stable, because it depends on exchange volume during a given period of time.

However, if you buy an exchange’s coin before its rate rises, you can get very high rate of return due to the initially low price. Pay attention that the reverse scheme works also — if the volumes of trades decrease, you can lose both in the price of tokens and in dividends. It should also be noted that dividends can come in the form of coins sold only on the exchange, rather than universal coins. This means that if you own only a small number of coins on the exchange, the earnings from each coin will be too small for actual sale.

Dividend coins

Some coins offer dividends in the form of other coins just for keeping the original coins. For example, NEO generates Gas, and Vechain — THOR. As a rule, each unit of the original coin produces a certain number of new coins. These new coins are often related to paying network fees, while the original coins can be equated to network capital. The level of profitability here is rather low (~ 3% for Gas from NEO), but the investments do not require anything, except owning of the original coin — therefore this method can be considered as extremely passive and low-risk.

Semi-passive Methods


Airdrop is a free analog of the crypto currency. By registering on new projects, users can get some free tokens. As a rule, this is done for promotion. New projects issue free tokens upon community involvement or standard registration and providing minimum personal information. Usually the amount issued in the form of airdrop, in terms of a fiat currency, will be small, but if the project is good and you keep it's tokens long time period, they can grow in value turning into a significant amount. In addition, airdrop coins, as a rule, can be extracted on several resources, so in a short period of time you can get a considerable amount. is a simple way to monetize your time and attention. After registration (you need a company or school email), you create a profile on the site. Then you will be paid for receiving/answering messages and other tasks from other users of the platform. Currently, payment is made in Bitcoins. The exact amount depends on you, but usually it all comes down to your "importance". In addition, Earn also contains lists that you can subscribe to receive messages from people in a particular demographic or interest group. For example, there are lists of people from certain universities or professions. There is also a popular list of airdrop recipients, which allows users to receive free tokens from developing projects.

Affiliate Programs

Many sites, for example, popular exchanges like Coinbase and Binance, offer affiliate programs where you will be paid for attracting new customers. If you have popular blog or YouTube channel with a large audience, affiliate links can become quite profitable. These programs are usually paid by tokens from the exchange list. Coinbase pays a fixed amount in bitcoins, while Binance pays a certain percentage of fees charged from your referred people — in the form the fee was collected (either the coin itself or BNB).
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