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Jun 15, 2018
In June, the rally in the cryptomarket was replaced with the correction, and most currencies did not show significant growth. Bitcoin is “squeezed” in the $ 9,000-10,000 corridor, its growth since the beginning of the year being + 27%, which is relatively modest.

Some altcoins are in greater plus on this indicator today, but we will highlight only those that also have clear fundamental advantages. The growth of quotations since the beginning of the year is indicated in brackets:


Ether (ETH, + 75%). This cryptocurrency is the second-largest by capitalization after BTC, but with greater volatility. Recently, following BTC, it has taken an important step towards state recognition: the first legal deliverable ETH futures available to large players appeared on the ErisX exchange.

ETH is a great long-term investment vehicle. A coin with a wide functionality and its own rather successful infrastructure has every chance to bring its owners a significant profit, because the price of ether at the time of its peak reached $ 1500.

Stellar (XLM, + 48%). It is a decentralized analogue of the Ripple (XRP) payment system, which long was far behind it, but is now catching up. Since the beginning of the year, the XLM token has risen in price by one and a half times, while XRP has fallen in price by 8%. The main reason for the decline of the investor’s interest in XRP is the system’s linkage to the private company Ripple Inc.

Since 2018, it has been accompanied with scandals, and since 2019 there have been persecutions of corporate crypto projects in the world (closure of Libra and TON, lawsuits against Tether and Ripple itself). This is shifting the investors’ interest towards decentralized systems like Stellar (XLM).

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Feb 20, 2021
My picks are Chainlink, Cardano, polkadot, aave and Elrond crypto coins. They have a huge upside potential.
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