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Jun 15, 2018
China is gradually getting rid of its reputation as a “country of fakes” in the technological sphere. Cameras that are suspiciously similar to GoPro are still being released here, and the Didi Chuxing local taxi order service was extremely reminiscent of Uber — until it added some unique functions and squeezed out a former competitor from China. But some Chinese companies are already considered to be leaders in new industries and business models.


There are several reasons for this. Competition in the protected space — Facebook, Twitter and Google's search engine in China are blocked — mitigates the risks and provides space for experimentation. The size of the market also plays into the hands of China. But the transition to innovation also reflects a generation change. The new generation of entrepreneurs that emerged after the 90s initially perceives the world as global — they have a completely different mentality, closer to their peers in the United States or Europe than in the way their parents thought. Here are a few areas in which Chinese companies have particularly excelled

Bike Sharing

China is actively developing the sharing of bicycles, using a completely new model, in which it was possible to abandon the use of fixed parking. The bicycle rental in Chinese cities is often better developed than in London and New York. Bicycle can be unlocked using a mobile application and left anywhere. Many services even track the position of bikes via GPS.

Mobike (orange) and Ofo (yellow) are leading on the market now. They are followed by Xiaoming blue bikes. One financier jokingly stated that the only obstacle to entering the market would be the moment when new companies run out of color.

This article was originally published on HYIP.com - Online Investment Watch Blog.

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