Vitalik Buterin: How the 24-year-old Genius Changed the World of the Blockchain



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Jun 15, 2018
This is the success story of the most famous groundbreaker of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world after Satoshi Nakamoto. Vitalik Buterin is 24 years old, and at first glance, you can’t even say that he is a genius and a millionaire. Rather, he can be taken as a schoolboy who is hanging around the back desks. But appearances are deceptive, and this is exactly that case. Who is Vitaly Buterin? One of the brightest minds of his generation, and the most famous after Satoshi Nakamoto blockchain and cryptocurrency groundbreaker, the author of the most important achievement of the last decade — the Ethereum network.


Vitalik was born in Moscow, but when he was a child, he has emigrated with his family from Russia to the city of Toronto, Canada. At school, he was considered a child prodigy — he demonstrated outstanding ability in many subjects: mathematics, programming, and economics. Later, he recalled how he added three-figure numbers in his mind two times faster than his classmates. Time has passed, and the immigrant boy turned out to be the author of a global project — however, even today his relaxed and easeful style of communication makes you forget about it. Here are some life and business lessons from the genius of the blockchain technology.

1. Today's trouble tomorrow may be a source of surprising discoveries

In 2007–2010 Vitalik was a big fan of the World of Warcraft computer game - until Blizzard removed his favorite spell from his character. By this time, Vitalik put into the game a lot of time and efforts, and he recalls that he fell asleep in tears that day. Exactly at that moment, he realized the scale of the threat that the centralization of power carries, and this understanding became his guiding star. From that moment, the game no longer interested him, but there was time for new hobbies. When Vitalik was 17 years old, his father told him about Bitcoin, but it seemed not so optimistic to the young genius. But soon everything has changed – perhaps his desire to get away from government regulation and centralized services played the decisive role. One thing is certain: the cryptocurrency helped him see the light at the end of the tunnel.


2. To achieve a goal, talent is not enough — more ambitions are needed.

Vitalik had both, but he lacked another important component — the money. He earned the first bitcoins by writing articles that soon attracted the attention of Mihai Alisi — they later founded Bitcoin Magazine together. Two years later, for the first time, he took part in a Bitcoin-dedicated conference, and finally became fully convinced of the correctness of the chosen path.

He also managed to work as a Jan Goldberg’s assistant (Canadian mathematician and cryptographer — ed. note) and enter the University of Waterloo, where at some point he attended five advanced courses at the same time.

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