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Jun 26, 2018
There aren’t many people who have never dream about going to Las Vegas to play in casinos there. However, if you haven’t such opportunity, you can still play the same games online. Almost every real world slot or casino has its web version. And you can hitch a jackpot here as well.


Online gambling places you should pay more attention to are those supports depositing/withdrawing using cryptocurrency - bitcoins and other digital money. This helps to avoid people, who’d like to take a part of your prize, sometimes not even according to the law. Using any cryptocurrency as a payment system can help you to keep your identity private as well as making your money safe.

Online Slots Types

Let’s look at the main categories of them

  1. Bets sizes. In some countries, for example Russian speaking world, you can make a bet as small as $0,0001. However, in other parts of the world minimal bet size can be up to $25
  2. Quantity of wheels. The most common type is a slot machine consists of three reels with fruits and sevens - simple one-line machine. Another popular slot is the one with 9 reels and from 1 up to 9 or even more lines. There are special symbols called scatter or wild. There’s another gaining popularity slot - 6/7 reels, it helps to make the winning chance bigger, but sometimes there might be no winning symbols and bonuses.
  3. By classes. 2 class slots are based at the bingo lottery type. Gambling machines of type 3 are famous for their unpredictability. Prizes get those who have all the same symbols on the line.
  4. Jackpot. It’s harder to win in a progressive jackpot, the bigger you bet the bigger is your winning chance, and it’s becoming more real to win. Theoretically having enough big sum of jackpot, math says you can be sure in that you are going to win and get the absolute superior to a casino. In the fixed jackpot prize depends on the bet size as well, but happens more.
  5. Location. Online casinos make you able to place despite where you are. You can even play slots at home.
  6. Dispersion level. On slots with low dispersion it is easier to win a prize, however its size is small too.

By Game Type

Nowadays online slots give the impression, so let’s take a look at how they do so:

  • Video-slots. Your success is determined by a random number generator.
  • I-slots. Can offer you half-way a masterpiece story. Players can switch between levels, opening more and more ways of play.
  • Video poker. A mix of our old-friend poker and a slot machine. In which you need to collect a special card combination.
  • 3D-slots. Offers very realistic graphics. Recently there appeared slots with real 3D objects, that can be viewed through special glasses.
  • Fruity slots. With pictures of sevens and fruits. Popular in all online casinos. Offers bonus games, risky rounds as well as many other features

By Reels Quantity

  • 3-Reels. Old, or even classic, and still popular one-armed bandit
  • 5-Reel. The most popular ones, because of their variety of plots, symbols or lines, they can entice you with free spins or progressive jackpot
  • 7-Reels. Available in any online casino, the difference consists in quantity of lines (up to 10), what gives you a chance on smalls, but often prizes
  • 9-Reels. You can find them interesting because of the bonuses, unusual design, winning lines are located horizontally, vertically or diagonally
By the amount of winning lines there are multi-line or single-line slots. In the first type you can find as many as 1,000 lines. While in the other only one, what makes them look like a slot in the offline world casino. There are also non lined machines, where your prize depends on combinations of symbols, for example, inside a square or that are nearby vertically and horizontally.

Winning Combinations

In slot machines such combination can be in 2 situations - inside the playing field as well as in active lines. Chances used to be calculated easily. In classic slots with 3 reels it was about 1:1000. On the other hand, in slots with 5 reels it was about 1:3200000. However, it was only in classic casinos.

Talking about online casinos, you should notice that it’s pretty hard to find the winning chance properly. But developers use special returning level (in most cases it can be as high as 95-97%). Remember though that even very big returning level can’t promise you big prize. Its size and frequency depends on lots of factors, including risks. If it’s higher than usual you can count on rare, but big prizes (high dispersion slots).

Winning combinations are gathered special symbols. You can often see these:

  • Wild. They can replace any other symbol or sector.
  • Bonus. Beginning of additional mini-tournaments or rounds.
  • Scatter. Generation of winning combination, free spins starts after getting more, or 3 symbols.
Every symbol has its worth, but they also give you unique bonuses. Winning combinations are different from others, it’s determined on how developers have chosen it to be. Your prize is also depends on certain risks.

Signs of Slots’ Conditions

Every beginner has a question: how to notice slot’s condition, so I’d be able to find the winning strategy. Any expert will tell you that the only sign of “positive” condition is frequency of bonuses while making bets. It’s better when they appear more often. In case you have almost no bonuses, you should try playing another machine or even change the casino. In some games, there’s a dependence between numbers, symbols and slot condition. It is often shown in appearance of two strewed symbols.

Recommendations for Choosing Slot

When you are looking for one for yourself, you should pay attention to a few things and follow some advice:

  1. Bet real money only after learning rules as well as official guidance
  2. Never play in new games, because they often tries to collect lots of money in short time. To do so they let you to win far less frequently than lose. Pay attention to no slots, but ones older than a few months
  3. You should avoid casinos with bad reviews or without them at all. Play in reliable and trustworthy places.
  4. Try not to think about how to win all the time, better think about getting joy.
  5. Test yourself and you luck in demo mode, before starting playing for real money.
In case you follow all the recommendations above, you have really good chances of becoming the winner. However, it would be better to check which currencies the casino supports and only after that start playing. For the last time bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity among gambling facilities. And it’s pretty obvious, because this e-currency offers a variety of benefits for both, players and casinos.
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