Top 5 YouTube Crypto Channels to Watch Right Now



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Jun 18, 2018
There are so many "crypto experts," it’s hard to determine whom to believe. A good place to get started is on Youtube; as here you can quickly choose which bloggers to follow based on their style and presentation of material. Whether you want to follow someone with a more funny streak, a more data-driven guy, or whatever else you fancy; this list has something for everyone.

CRYPTO DAILY — 110, 121 followers

Crypto Daily is a king of sarcasm and really a cool dude. Funny guy, who brings a twist to cryptocurrency news. He also provides time-stamps to all his videos so you can skip to what interests you. His videos are like cool stand-up statements, except they are very informative. In fact, his crypto music videos are the best on Youtube.

Theme: Crypto news, analytics, and a lot of irony and humour.

DataDash — 309,400 followers

Nicholas Merten, the channel’s host, is a data analyst turned an extremely knowledgeable crypto trader. He does a great job explaining flow charts so you can make educated decisions on your cryptocurrency plays. The blogger perfectly combines news, analysis, data livestreams, and interviews. Videos are published five times a week.

Theme: mix of information, data livestreams, and interviews.

The CRYPTO LARK — 78,000 followers

DCrypto Lark is ‘a cryptocurrency enthusiast, traveller, vegan, and lover of life’ who provides great insights on Mining, different Alt Coins, and Interviews. Our favorite video is his price prediction videos. He calls out the BS from “gurus” giving price prediction. He provides some great insights on how to proceed with your trading, goals you should put in place, etc.

Livestreaming once every Monday at 2pm New Zealand time.

Theme: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and ICO news, analysis, reviews and interviews.

Suppoman — 147.434 followers

Superman is a Youtube channel, hosted by Superhero Cryptocurrency Expert — Suppoman. Subscribe the blog you want to learn about the Cryptocurrency market in a fun, entertaining and easy to understand way.

SUPPOMAN offers a Cryptocurrency Courses on Udemy you can access them for just $10.

Theme: News, analytics, forecasts, reviews of cryptocurrencies, trading tutorials, tips & advice.

BoxMining — 199, 075 followers

Michael Gu invites you to join him on this crazy cryptocurrency adventure. As Hong Kong resident, Gu is thoroughly familiar with Chinese market, so he perfectly covers news related to his country.

Theme: Daily market overviews, cryptocurrency reviews, tutorials, interviews with crypto celebrities (for example, with crypto-enthusiast Max Kaiser).
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