Tip & Tricks on How to Beat Casino Slots



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Jun 18, 2018
Slots are the most colorful games in a casino. Funny themes slots with huge jackpots is aimed to pull you all your money. Though slot machines always favor the house, there are some tips and tricks, that could improve your game to some extent and enhance your chances of winning at your favorite slots. In the following, we shall consider some several useful tips that will improve your slot gambling experience and lead to jackpot win.

Play in Licensed Casino

Playing in licensed and regulated casinos is the only way to avoid potential RNG tampering. Only with certified slots you have the chance to bet slot.


Study the RTR

Always check on the payout rates that come with it. Also don’t ignore the paytable, as well as the rest of the rules and terms of the game features. There are so many slots to choose from and we understand you can sometimes get drawn into a game for its storyline, great design or 3D effects, but if you want to become a big winner pay attention to the organization of pay lines and the values of symbols. The theoretical return to player rate can also make a huge difference, even if most players tend to lose sight of it.

Don't use Fraudulent Strategies

There are a lot of tactics for beating slots online. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. One of the examples is the zig zag system. The basics of it lie in recognizing patterns on the reel grid. Symbols could draw a particular shape on the screen, like an ‘x’ or a ‘v’. But, deep down, the theory is nonsensical. There is no way to be sure whether the machine is ready to pay out based on any patterns simply because the symbols themselves have nothing to do with the back structure of the game and every spin is an isolated event.

Set Up Bankroll

Set up your bankroll, a fixed amount of money for play, before visiting casino. This will make you feel prepared, confident and disciplined. To enjoy the game and pursue winnings with a piece of mind you need to be ok with the possibility of losing some money in the process as well. So the amount of money you’re entering the game with should be the upper limit of what you can afford to lose. Another good piece of advice is to split your total budget into session bankrolls.

Play Max Bet only for Jackpot Winning

Max bet is only an option if it is a requirement for the jackpot, otherwise is not worth it.Contemporary video slot machines pay out amounts that are in accordance with the number of coins you wager, without any special treatment if you bet the maximum.

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