Three Types of Payouts in HYIPs



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Jun 18, 2018
In this article we will look at the pros and cons of three main types of payments in HYIPs.

Automatic Payments

The automated or automatic type of payouts is a fully automated payment. Once investing funds and specifying the wallet for withdrawal, you can never open the site as immediately after being charged interest will automatically be sent to the withdrawal.

This is the most pleasant type of investor payments, but less convenient for administrators. The depositors’ activity in these projects is minimal: investors do not look at the HYIP site and, therefore, are not lured by new promotional offers. All this causes a small influx of depositors to the project that, in turn, shortens the HYIP life.

Manual Payments

Manual payments mean that you apply for withdrawal, and then this application is checked manually by HYIP admins. At this point, administrators can approve or not approve the application. for example, they can decide to pay only the monitors, and do not pay the rest, or pay only small amounts while blocking large ones and so on.


On the other hand, this delay may allow administrators to save up before making large payments, thus leaving the project buoyant and even promoting growth, as in the statistics or on the forums people will talk about their major withdrawals, which will be the impetus for the influx of new deposits.

Another advantage of manual payments is safety, as HYIP amounts are significant and many may desire to break into the project wallet. The admin can allocate funds into several wallets or transfer money into the project wallet from another one just before the payment.

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Such payments are usually delayed up to 24 hours between the time of application and the actual withdrawal. Typically, this occurs once every few hours. People get used to it and do not panic which can wreck a HYIP and do not let even first depositors earn.

Despite the name, usually a large part of the process is automated, administrators only control that the total backlog of applications for withdrawal is affordable and does not lead to the HYIP collapse.


Thus, if you have applied immediately before the next payment, you can get real money almost at once after application. If you are a couple of minutes late and administrators stepped aside from the computer, then the payment can be made only in a few hours.

In the case of the project scam, administrators still have some time until people come to their senses, begin discussions on forums if the administrator could supposedly have gone shopping and left for the weekend to the country, and monitors change the project status "Delays” (Problems and Delays), but not "SCAM," meanwhile the project is still raising money for some time.

Instant Payments

Instant payments are not much different from the manual ones. You also have to apply for withdrawal of funds, but the application is processed automatically and the withdrawal takes place within a few minutes.

This type of payments, or rather termination of payments in such a form, signifies that the project has gone scam, rising panic, in any case investors applying for withdrawal. If the problem was technical, for instance, the payment system itself via which the withdrawal is made stopped working, or the HYIP suffers from a DDoS attack. even if simple re-applying for withdrawal may solve the problem, the project is still not likely to live on because of the panic and mass withdrawals.

Instant payments are notorious for increased interest of hackers — hacking wallets and taking cash are unfortunately not uncommon.

Such disadvantages of instant payments lead to another serious problem — large HYIP investors do not invest or invest only small amounts, and therefore all the rest are less likely to earn on such a HYIP as well.

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Jun 20, 2020
It is very important to check the payments before investing money in hyips.
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