The most important ICOs of year 2018



Jun 26, 2018
The year will soon be ended, so it’s the right time to discuss what was going, is going and will be going in crypto industry. For this period there were a lot of big changes in different aspects, from new technologies based on the blockchain to government's attitude toward them.


Cryptocurrencies aren’t simple coins you can buy/sell or mine. Today we see a new level of development - more and more project use cryptocurrencies to raise money. Today we’re going to talk about ICO.

Initial Coin Offering - selling digital active of some company with the main target of attracting cryptocurrencies from investors to some project. Who may be interested in such? To begin with, it’s an easy and fast way of earning for those, who have money. He invests them in the most, how he thinks, perspective project, what gives company money for implementing it, while investor get profit.


It’s very big risk, so experts don’t recommend you to invest the sum you aren’t ready to lose. At least at the beginning.

What are the main risks for investors


As in any other sphere, which is associated with fundraising, there are risks of being cheated. Some companies can simple disappear after the end of their ICO.

Big part of startups turn out as not very well projects. It goes such way when creator hasn’t thought out a quality idea, or when he didn’t calculate the money needed for development right. A lot of projects close because they haven’t enough money for work.

Unlike investors think, realization of the project can take really long period. Price of the token won’t raise if there’s a lack of positive changes. What is more, in such case there’s a big probability of appearance of competitor, who may have much bigger potential.

It is only a small part of risks that investor should count, before investing in some project via ICO, so experent say that you have to be very attentive while choosing a right project to invest in.

Year 2018 - the most perspective projects

The ICO market develops really quick. Lots of countries are trying to regulate it, what makes this industry even more reliable and secure. In the first quarter of this year via ICO $6,33 billion were raised. At the same time, during the whole previous year companies get only $5,48 billion using this technology. There was, are and will be lots of projects, uses initial coin offering, however we’re going to take a look at just a few, the most perspective and reliable of them.


Telegram Open Network (TON)

After having a great time with russian government and blocking their messenger, telegram team, even being in such fairly bad situation, made a decision to start a new project named TON and organize a few private ICO rounds. During them, telegram team has raised $1,7 billion. This project has become so famous, that there was no chance of swindlers lack. At some moment a scam called GRAM appeared, it was just a cryptocurrency making yourself think that it is original telegram coin. It wasn’t, however, a lot of people believed in this and unfortunately lost their money.

Time of the third ICO round is still unknown, but we already know for sure that it like the previous ones won’t be public. The team faced some problems - among which, judicial proceeding with american startup called GRAM, in their opinion telegram has stolen its name.



It offers a very simple and obvious way to get profit. The main idea is to make the investing in cryptocurrencies way too easier. It started on 9 March and finished on 6 of April. Project token named COIN was developed on the Ethereum platform.



Initial coin offering of this project began in July 2017 and finished almost after a year, in June. How team says, such long term of ICO was chosen to make more investors able to buy their tokens with large discount.

The project’s target is to create a universal blockchain platform, using which any user can create his own decentralized systems. Like most of ICOs, it’s based on the same Ethereum blockchain.



Project that started on 26 March and finished on 25 April of this year. Startup has really interesting idea. Its target is to analyze information about all the ICOs on the market and estimate their perspectives then. This may help system to warn potential investors from buying tokens of fairly useless projects that won’t give big profits.



Project’s coin offering took place between 15 February and 6 April. It was aimed to create a coin designed for gambling industry.

Despite the fact, that most of ICOs become very popular and successful, not every expert can say in which project you should invest and in which not. Every project has its own benefits, pitfalls and features. However, if the main reason for investor is to buy profitable tokens, ICO might be the best solution for him nowadays.
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Oct 10, 2018
Dfinity, Aergo, Mainframe, Tezos and many many other worthy.
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