Make Money 'Spike' trading. Part 2

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May 3, 2018
How to turn your trading to profit. The end of the journey:)

Hello everyone!

I’m very glad that you appreciated my post on how to make money on non-market quotations — I receive a lot of PM with questions from the community members, and I would like to tell you about another way of making money on Forex.

In the previous post, I noted that broker managers verify large transactions manually, and if the 'spike' issue is a sensitive loss for them, they would cancel your transaction. And that is a problem, a big problem. But not for us!

You can make good money even on your transaction cancellation. I mean, if your broker has started to cancel your transactions, leaving you with zero, you will still be in huge profit — of course, after reading this post.

Before we start, let’s agree on one condition. If you do follow my advice, find a suitable broker, make a good money using this strategy — NEVER SHARE THIS INFO. Otherwise, this money making opportunity will be dead almost the next day. Make money in silence. Money loves silence, we love money, so we prefer to make money quietly. Okay? Well, let’s go!

So, your broker discovered that you were cheating, ruining him with non-market quotes, and began cutting your earnings, sending cancellation message next day after 'spike' profit occured. Wipe away tears, smile, and remember that the team is always on your side and always help you to earn. Let’s start! :)

How to start trading

It is better to begin from trading session start. If you work with CFD contract, you have to wait until exchange opening and place 2 orders of the same volume in different directions (trends). For example, the volume is 1 lot. The market has moved, we buy and sell immediately the same size — that’s all. Then, we make a breakfast break. In this case margin reserve is compensated, and your account balance should not change. This will allow you to put other orders, probably with other trading instruments during the trading day.

After breakfast, we return to the trading terminal and look what’s going on. Actually, there are 3 options only: the price went up, the price went down, the price stands still ('Flat'). Flat is the least preferred — if that’s what you see you can safely do your own business, take a walk in the park, read a book, hang out with friends or family, and come back later.:)

If the price has increased or dropped (the direction does not matter for us), it is important to make sure that the price change is quite significant — after all, it’s our profit.:) Let’s assume that the price has risen by 200 points. Now you need to get the maximum profit! If you assume that the price will continue to grow — wait for bigger profit, or you can place the Take-Profit order on the level of the expected price.

But let’s say you are satisfied with this amount, in this case we have to take the next step — to close BUY-order profit. That’s all!
We get a profit of 2 lots and the same SELL-order loss. All this needs to be completed BEFORE the supposed time of 'spike', preferably in a couple of hours, so that we can prepare for 'catching a non-market quotation'.

Profit fixing. Must have!

So, we fixed the profit. But what are we going to do about the loss? The simple answer is. As always, there are 3 options — price increase, decrease or 'Flat', when the price is stagnating. ALL of these options are acceptable for us. Let’s check each of them:

— The price is going up, and our loss is increasing. We should remember that we must avoid trading the maximum volume to be able to withstand a 'drawdown' that may arise when price increases. So we just have to sit tight and wait. Do whatever you want — smoke, have a cup of coffee or drink.

-The price is going down, so the loss is reducing. Most likely, that the price will drop below the SELL order level, so you should close the order without any hesitation, both with zero or positive profit. You can also use the Stop-Loss as a Break-even, or Trailing-Stop (if you are not familiar with these terms, you can read our trading posts). As a result, we have 2 lots from a long position, and zero or something positive — from a short one.

Congrats, that’s all for today! Now you can relax and have the rest, if you like, or continue to trade carefully.

— Price is stagnating and our loss is not changing — to find out what to do in this case, please refer to the paragraph 1.

— We are approaching the time of ‘spike’. As we know non-market quotes occur regularly within the same time period, within dozen minutes. As a reminder, we have a SELL order with big loss, as the market went up. Next, we should change the order by placing Stop-loss and Take-profit on both sides of the order. How it works is shown in screen below.


What can we get when a non-market quote occurs? Whatever direction it takes, our order will close with a big loss. But this is what we need! So don’t be surprised and accept the fact that loss to be closed by 'spike' So, we wait for the spike and when it comes — a sharp price jump or collapse — the order is closed.

There are two transactions in our trading history: BUY order, closed with a profit of 2 lots, and SELL order which was closed as Take-profit or Stop-loss order with the loss, let’s say, of 3 lots. "All right, where are we going with this?" you may ask.

Well, I’ll tell you where. Don’t miss!

You MUST make a screenshot to confirm the 'spike' and closed order. Are you ready? Then, we write a complaint to the support service with the request to cancel the order as it was closed on a non-market quotation. Your bulletproof argument is the fact that broker managers cancel your profit from 'spikes'. Therefore, it is logical that they MUST cancel ALL transactions at this non-market price. By the way, this statement is contained in broker’s User service Agreement, which you should examine before trading carefully.

Your task is to force the broker to cancel your order and the losses associated with it. It may take several hours or days, depending on the particular broker, but in 99% of cases it can be achieved — you will get a cherished letter about the order cancellation and its financial result, even negative one.

That’s great! Now there is the only one order in the trading history — the one you have closed by playing fair, with no tricks.

That’s ALL! The outcome of our work is 2 lots of pure profit!

What you should know to use this know-how successfully

  1. Read terms of the Broker Services Agreement of your company carefully. Yes, you’ll have to read documents that no one has ever read, but believe me, it’s worth it.
  2. Do not place huge orders. Do not destroy a broker, it is your friend and assistant. Your task is to bite broker’s wallet a bit, but do not rob it, otherwise substantial losses will lead the broker fight with you.
  3. Make sure you are aware that the broker can deny of service at the end. My advice is to 'pump' your account up a bit by usual transactions first, preferably with the similar volumes (these can be short transactions, support and resistance level bounces), because if the new account shows only positive deals, the broker will close acc and cashing-out turns into a real head-ache for you.
  4. If broker’s account registration requirements are adequate to human sense, I advise you to register a new account, 'pump' it by standard transactions a little, and, after several spike occurs, close it and create a new one.
  5. Do not link all your accounts to your Affiliate program. The managers are not fools, the strategy I describe today was already working few years ago, and they will reveal the connection between your accounts. The penalty for multi-accounting can be found in customer service agreement.
That is pretty much all that I wanted to share with you today.
I look forward to your questions, comments, discussions.

Little while later, I will show you different variations of similar ways of earning and how to competently combine them.

Thank you for your attention, I wish you big profits with a minimum of complications.:)

Sincerely, Alex
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Apr 16, 2018
@Alex , did you quit trading at all, so you kill all profitable holes? Or your 'writer gift' was born this summer?
Funny material, but good for novies.
Are there still alive brokers that fall into that? I thought all of them were gone :eek:


Staff member
May 3, 2018
@Alex , did you quit trading at all, so you kill all profitable holes? Or your 'writer gift' was born this summer?
Funny material, but good for novies.
Are there still alive brokers that fall into that? I thought all of them were gone :eek:
Sure thing, this summer some hidden chakras in my soul became activated.
I discovered irrevocable intention to share my experience)))
As to brokers - I personally know 2 big companies that still allow that. He who seeks finds! :cool:
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