Security Tips For Working with HYIPs



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Jun 18, 2018
In any field of activity that refers to the works with money, special attention should be paid to security. Therefore, when starting to work with HYIPs, consider the following tips carefully and don’t repeat the mistakes of investors who have lost money because of their carelessness.

1. E-mail. When working with HYIPs, create two e-mails: one for the HYIP, and another one for payment systems. The first will be public; it will be seen by the admin and partners in the project, both superior — upliners, and lower-level — referrals. The second shouldn’t be known to anyone, only pin codes will be sent to it when making transactions.

Mail should be created on It has the necessary level of protection and won’t block letters on earnings, unlike several others. You can even set up a confirmation of access to the mail by SMS, which will protect you from any actions of the malefactor.

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2. Skype and Telegram. Skype and Telegram are used actively for communication between partners and sponsors. HYIP projects chats are created in these systems, which allow you to find out the news quickly and communicate with like-minded people. However, you may also face danger there. Having received the link from the person who was just added to you, you shouldn’t click on it in any case! Also, don’t receive any files from unfamiliar people. At best, an useless spam will await you, at worst — a virus.

If a person is added and doesn’t write anything, then you are dealing with a bot for sure. Ask him the purpose of adding to you, and not having received a response within a day, you can block it safely. If a person starts offering you projects, you can send him your affiliate links in reply.

3. Strong Passwords. Use lower-case and upper case letters and numbers in random order as well. Here is an example of a good password: 4er88LKI5njo7yd461fv. Also make it a rule that passwords in different HYIPs can’t be the same! Knowing the password, mail and login of one project, an unfair administrator can transfer your money to his wallet in another project.

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4. Multi-factor authentication. Try to always use additional tools to protect your account. If there is a two-factor authentication function (confirmation by e-mail or SMS), use it for sure.

5. Antivirus Software. Use licensed antivirus and update it regularly. The virus can block the system, show obtrusive advertising, and steal passwords.

6. Copy the information. If the data is on the same media, it is easy to lose them, because anything can happen. It is advisable to have a couple of flash drives on which you will save passwords and other important information.
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Apr 30, 2020
Do not invest too much and too fast and also not to get greedy, just be clam and have close look.

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