Reinvesting in a HYIP: Take a Risk or Lose the Chance



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Jun 18, 2018
Sooner or later, every investor is faced with a dilemma — to reinvest or take your money out from the program and leave. In order to understand whether it is worth reinvesting in HYIPs, first of all, it is necessary to correlate the project profitability with its life-term:

1. HYIPs with a yield of about 2% per day — the lifetime is 90-days.

2. The plan with a daily yield of about 1% daily — the lifetime is 100-110 days.

3. The plan with a daily yield of about 3% is to operate during 40-45 days.

At the same time, the project life expectancy should be calculated on the basis of all working tariff plans, that is, those in which the deposit amount does not exceed $1000.

Every day the number of entrances to the most profitable work plans will grow, which increases the financial burden. And if, for example, the most profitable plan is 3% per day for 21 days with principal return at the end, then it is worth observing how payments will be made for this plan. And only then you should make a decision on the re-investment, of course, taking into account other factors.

In order to decide easier whether you can reinvest or not, you need to be constantly informed of what the HYIP programs work now. Constantly check for HYIP monitors for modern and best investment opportunities and their status. Check other blogs, forums and listing sites. As you do all that, the decision will be much easier to be made.

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It is possible to forecast when the project is going scam due to a number of indirect signs. One of them is a sharp increase in advertising, which, as a rule, indicates the beginning of the HYIP end; therefore it is expedient to refuse reinvestment in such a project.

One of the signs of the upcoming HYIP’s termination is also an active distribution of bonuses, offers, and the introduction of new super-beneficial plans. All this is proposed in order to attract newcomers, as well as to motivate current investors to go for another round. In such cases, you can venture reinvesting the profit from the previous deposit for the minimum available term

In general, short-term plans or plans with fast achievement of the break-even point under the condition of principal included payouts are suitable for reinvestment.

To understand whether you can reinvest in a HYIP, you need to constantly or at least periodically monitor the project development. We can definitely say the following: once you finish the game, do not go back, despite the project continuing to pay. This is the rule which can protect from losses.

How to Reduce the Risk of Losing Money When Reinvesting

It is possible to reinvest in HYIPs only after making an objective analysis of the remaining life-term and the current project profitability. An investor has to evaluate how long gambling may last and what profit it will bring. Several factors including the number of ads can forecast the termination of any HYIP.

The project advertising should continuously increase, which will ensure a smooth promotion. If the HYIP is already present on most monitoring sites, it is talked about on thematic forums and reported by bloggers, it has reached the peak of popularity so it can’t attract new audience. On this stage some HYIPs can use other ways of advertising or even make offline representations, but such projects are rare and most likely there will be no investors any longer, that is a sign to stop reinvestment.

Other signs of the end beginning are active bonus programs and large-scale offers. This may be the last admin’s attempt to bring newbies or to make existing depositors leave their deposit. In such cases, reinvesting is forbidden.

Besides, it will be useful for those who wish to reinvest to find out about large deposits. it is very difficult to examine the statistics, because project managers often give us obviously incorrect statistics. It is better to look for information on deposits on forums.

The best option for reinvestment will be safe tariffs, but you have to consider them through the above mentioned filters. These plans allow you to select a project with quite a long life term, but without hazardous characteristics. The question of reinvestment is as complicated as investing in HYIPs, so to do it or not is a personal choice.

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Feb 3, 2019
Hyip market never been so weak for reinvestments. In rare projects with plan up to 20 days yes, but in longer projects non-monitor investor or non-referrals investors take big risk.

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