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Jun 18, 2018
It is not possible to invest in projects without adhering to certain tactics. Investing without some tactics will not bring adequate profits, and the investor himself will continue to balance on the edge of bankruptcy. Let’s consider the basic tactics of investment used to work with HYIPs.

Aggressive Tactic

The aggressive tactics implies investments in many projects. An aggressive investor is always among the first investors in a HYIP. The aggressive tactics has proven to be good at investing in short projects with the lifespan of 1 - 3 days.

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Of course, do not forget that you must not put all the money into one project. The ideal system is to invest 10-15% of the available sum. When the aggressive strategy is used the investor rarely reinvests the money in the same project, as most of them do not work more than one or two life periods.


  • high yield;
  • high money turnover.


  • lack of stability;
  • you need to constantly search for information about new projects, to be on forums and monitoring systems;
  • depending on the season, the number of opening HYIP projects changes, so it’s not always possible to find the necessary number of projects for stable operation;
  • Increased risk.
Balanced Tactics

The investor invests in those projects that have worked at least for one cycle. This may include HYIP projects of different categories, from high-yield to low-interest. This tactics is perfect for those who do not want or cannot constantly search for information about new projects.

With the balanced tactics you invest in HYIPs operating more than one cycle which have undergone at least through one stage of payments. The advantages of this tactic will be appreciated by those who cannot constantly monitor the appearance of new HYIPs.


  • as projects are selected from different categories, respectively, the number of investment increases;
  • the average yield,
  • low stability since the portfolio will include high-yield projects as well.

Conservative Tactics

This tactics is characterized by stability and minimal risks when investing. Investors select only those projects that have been operating for a certain period and showing stable performance. Mostly, these will be low-interest investment programs.

At the conservative tactics up to 30% of the investment fund is invested in a HYIP as there are few stable low-interest projects in the market.

It should also be noted that in no case should you invest all funds into one project. This is a very urgent problem for investors working according to this tactics, because sometimes during several months they cannot find an object for investment, and as soon as a project is found, they immediately put into it all their funds. As you can understand, this is unnecessary risk.


  • the work stability;
  • it does not require a lot of time to analyze the information.
  • low yield,
  • a small number of objects for investment.
Similarly, it’s worth noting that not all investors keep to one particular tactics. Sometimes it is dictated by the condition in the HYIP market, when low-interest projects dominate, or vice versa, when the number of high-yield projects is very high. Very often, investors simply adjust to such situations in the market, thus being in a constant process of investment. Try to work according to different tactics, thus you determine the most suitable scheme of work.
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