Play in Poker. With the PayPal’s Vice President - this is the newest blockchain based project offer



Jun 26, 2018
One of the most commonly used payment systems PayPal has implemented a new system based on blockchain. The information is provided by the Cheddar agency, that in its turn recalls Michael Todasco, who is now the innovation director of the large American company.

The system is used for promoting and rewarding workers. Innovation team had been developing this system for more than a half of year and it was officially launched in the middle of the November.

Inside of the system, PayPal workers can get special tokens for suggestion ideas and improvements as well as the work’s quality itself. The tokens can only be used inside the system and can be sold through a public register.

Michel Todasco has also compared the new system with Venmo - mobile payment system, that uses both, public and private social channels. For example, staff can now leavr a feedback (like or review just like in any social media these days) on any sort of innovation work inside the company.

The tokens you have earned can be exchanged in more than 100 different real life activities - play in poker with the company vice president, have a cup of coffee, try jogging with someones from the directors, have some morning exercises with PayPal CEO Dan Schulman. Among of the strangest opportunities is a chance to borrow a dog of a top manager.

Notice an interesting fact, in the January Dan Schulman was talking about the bitcoin inefficiency as a payment method, and only a few months after appeared information about that PayPal was working on a new immediate inside company cryptocurrency.
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