News North Korea Waging Cyber Warfare Through Over 6,000 Hackers



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Jun 15, 2018
“Army” of over 6,000 hackers is at North Korea disposal, for carrying out cyber warfare, according to the recent report published by the U.S. Army. The report claims that a lion part of hacker groups are operating outside North Korea as the country lacks the domestic infrastructure to support full-scale hacking operations. Based in Belarus, Russia, India, China, Malaysia hacker groups are controlled by Bureau 121, a North Korean cyberwarfare agency, which is part of the Reconnaissance General Bureau of North Korea’s military. North Korea is sponsoring digital currency crime and other cyber attacks from around the world, the report confirms suspicions of cyber warfare emanating from the rogue state. North Korea has also been accused of using cryptocurrencies to fund the ballistic missile projects and nuclear weapons. Hackers are reportedly relying on privacy-centric coins to cover their trace from law enforcement agencies. The cryptocurrency-related scams have increased significantly amid the ongoing global pandemic.

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