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Jun 15, 2018
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Technical progress does not stand still. Technologies and trends are changing literally every day. It is becoming more difficult to chase them, and there won’t be enough money for it. Do you know that many modern inventions were created many years ago? Unmanned vehicles, smart house technologies, smartphones, E-cigarettes — all of these inventions were created long before they became widespread.

Driverless Car

Even today, a car that moves independently on the roads is more a future than a present. A self-driving car looks like a taxi from a "Total Recall" science-fiction film. Now, almost all global auto companies are developing unmanned vehicles. But how do you like the fact that the first prototype of a self-driving vehicle dates from 1961?


It is referred to a self-driving cart, better known as the "Stanford Cart". The device was developed by a student at Stanford University as part of his graduate research paper. The cart had many technologies appropriate to modern unmanned vehicles: technical vision, the simplest technology of artificial intelligence, a three-dimensional mapping system of orientation, etc., and all those in the middle of the XX century.

"Smart house"
Today, the concept of "smart house" is gaining high popularity among people from all over the world. After all, its benefits are obvious. Automation of household appliances with the help of modern wireless technology is much more convenient and more perfect. But in order to get what we have today, a great way of development and innovation has been made.


The first prototype of the "smart house" is considered to be the "SPHINX" project, developed in the Soviet Union in 1987. In the center of "smart house", there was the central processor responsible for the systems administration at home. Also, there were three types of the control module in the technology: portable, module for the car and for household appliances. In addition, voice commands could be used to control smart house systems.

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