Not Tracked HYIP - Kvazar Capital Review [6% -18% per month, 2% - 7% R.C.]



Sep 21, 2019
According to the project administration, the fund worked in closed mode, the launch of the fund on the Internet on September 30, 2019

About the project:
Kvazar Capital
is an international company that provides everyone with the opportunity to earn money in cryptocurrency markets.

USD account - your main payment account intended for replenishment and withdrawal of funds from the platform. Only you can conduct operations on funds in a free USD account. Through it, the distribution of assets on the proposed investment accounts is made.
The only fee for using our platform is a commission of 15% of the withdrawal amount from the investment to a free account. Replenishment, withdrawal, transfers from a free account and transfers between investment accounts are not subject to commission.


    • Script: self-written
    • Profitability: approximately 6% -18% per month
    • Duration of investment plans: unlimited.
    • Type of payments: manual (regulation 24-72 hours) from Monday to Friday
    • Minimum deposit / withdrawal amount: 20 $ / 20 $
    • Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether
    • Affiliate program: 2% -7% (it is possible to increase the percentage)
    • First, replenish a single balance, it is possible from different payment systems, and therefore you are already investing a single amount, which is quite convenient.
      [/ LIST]

      Investment accounts
      MOON BOT
      - A trading bot developed by the KVAZAR team. The strategy is based on the analysis of VSA and Chanel BreakOut volumes. Trading is performed from hidden levels and analysis of volume profiles. Trading is carried out in a fully automatic mode in the pair BTCUSDT on the Binance exchange.
      Escrow No
      Deal frequency ~ 6 per day
      Average yield of 9% per month
      6 months
      Risk Level Low
      Stop Limit 20%
      Progressive Risk None
      15% commission on withdrawal

      MARS BOT - Bot team KVAZAR. Based on monitoring of major transactions. Tracking the execution of large positions and potential iceberg deals, the bot makes profitable deals, repeating the movements of market makers. An aggressive trading style is used, characterized by a high frequency of transactions with moderate profitability.
      Escrow No
      Deal frequency ~ 10 per day
      Average yield of 14% per month
      6 months
      Risk Level Medium
      Stop Limit 20%
      Progressive Risk None
      15% commission on withdrawal

      ARBITRAGE - an arbitrage bot trading on the difference in exchange rates between exchanges. The bot in real time considers the discrepancies between the same type of contracts on different exchanges, and when the discrepancy increases to the desired indicator, the bot conducts an arbitrage transaction.
      Escrow No
      Deal frequency ~ 20 per day
      Average yield of 6% per month
      Work time 17 months
      Risk Level Very Low
      Stop limit 1%
      Progressive Risk None
      15% commission on withdrawal

      TRADE - completely manual trading under the control of our team. This account is characterized by increased balance volatility. Unlike automatic bots, fundamental analysis and other factors are taken into account. The duration of the transaction can be up to two weeks or more, recalculation of the balance is performed when it is closed.
      Escrow No
      The frequency of transactions individually
      Average yield of 8% per month
      11 months
      Risk Level Low
      Stop Limit 20%
      Progressive Risk None
      15% commission on withdrawal

      Minimum contribution to the project: $ 20
      Top-up: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, exchange
      Schedule of payments: manual, up to 24 hours

      There are three types of bonuses:
      instant (% of referral deposit) 2% - 7%
      profitable (% of referral income) 1 level. 5% -15%, 2 level 2% -5%, 3 level 0% -5%
      team (for closing partner statuses) 3% - 10%


      My deposit:

      Pay system : PerfectMoney

      Date: 04/08/2020 20:55
      Batch: 310228555
      From: U1426715
      To: U21287907
      Amount: -201.00
      Currency: USD
      Memo: Sent Payment 200.00 USD to account U21287907. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. 7937-8350-7330-9540.
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