Invest Wisely: How to Choose Suitable Investment Plan



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Jun 17, 2018
A novice investor can get confused because of a wide variety of investment plans offered by HYIP projects. Often, even one project offers several tariff plans which differ in terms, yield, and minimum deposit amount. In this article, we will examine pros and cons of different types of HYIP’s tariff plans.

‘Fasts’ or High-interest HYIPs — of 60% per month

It is very difficult to predict the life of such projects, as they usually quickly close, but there are very rare exceptions, which can operate up to a year.



  • High profitability of the project.


  • Very high risks: imagine what an inflow of new members should be to pay such interest.
  • Short lifetime.

Mid-interest HYIPs — of 20 to 60%monthly

Mid-interest HYIPs live 3-4 months on average, and more.


  • It is quite fast to make profit
  • The profitability is at a good level
  • A kind of the right balance between high-interest and low-interest HYIPs
  • A wide range of HYIPs of a decent level
  • The most popular type of HYIP, with the largest audience
  • The inflow must be at a good level

Low-interest HYIPs — up to 20% a month

Such projects are more likely to live for about a year, although some may work out and up to 2 years. Of course, among these projects there are problem ones. It happens that a well-prepared low-interest HYIP closes after a couple of months.


  • Do not require a large inflow of new members
  • People are more likely to reinvest.
  • Admins are often prone to work long
  • These projects have much better developed legends. Sometimes it is difficult to understand if it is a HYIP or a real company, trading on the Forex.
  • Low profitability
  • Sometimes too large a sum of the minimum deposit
  • There are not so many worthy HYIPs of this category
As a rule, experienced investors usually work with 1-2 types of HYIPs, that is, avoiding, for example, low-interest, or high-interest HYIPs. Others work with all types of HYIPs, having made a careful selection of projects. In general, professionals advise not to go to extremes, to monitor the industry and choose reliable projects of different types. So the more diverse your portfolio is, the resistant to all kinds of shocks in this very dangerous and unstable industry you are.

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