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Jul 26, 2019
Cryptocurrency arbitration appeared at the same time as the first exchange services, but received particular popularity in 2019, thanks to the service. Interbond exchange, known in the circles of traders and crypto enthusiasts, as Arbitrage between the exchanges, means the phenomenon when the difference in the price of bitcoin and other altcoins between sites in Asia or Africa and the rest of the world reaches 30-40%.

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Operating principle
The principle of earnings is very simple and consists of several steps:

The choice of cryptocurrency and trading platforms for its sale and subsequent purchase;

Screenshot_2019-07-28 L7 TRADE – an innovative model of P2P-exchange(1).png

Marketplaces can be selected using the “Available Markets” on the platform; this data is transmitted in real time via API connections to the markets and checks through CoinMarketCap. The platform allows you to compare prices of several exchanges (more than 60 services are represented), and also take into account the volume of sales.

On the platform, you can see the sorting of sites by trading volumes and the selection of the lowest and highest prices by digital assets BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ZEC and other altcoins.

All online transactions are open: transactions through the blockchain network, turnover of fiat funds, all possible fees of payment systems, issuing banks and trading platforms are taken into account. A contract was made with individuals P2P agents who have accounts on trading floors in different countries.

Transfer of digital coins to the Agent’s wallet on the exchange for selling the currency that offers the highest price;

Transfer of fiat currencies to the Agent’s wallet, directly to the second exchange, where the price is already significantly lower and the purchase of a digital asset.

Important nuances

For stable earnings with the help of cross-exchange arbitrage, several rules should be considered:

When choosing a stock exchange on the inter-exchange exchange platform, you need to consider two prices: Ask and Bid (buying and selling). The platform necessarily monitors and displays the highest of the available markets and the lowest. Example: BTC / USD Top bid: 9541.05 USD / Lowest ask :: 9154.55 USD.

It is important to analyze the commissions in advance calculation: for depositing money on the trading floor, bidding, transferring fiat money between exchanges, buying and withdrawing from the trading floor to your account's wallet.

So, for example, if the exchange rate difference at two sites is 7%, and transfer fees and trades make up 5.5%, the exchange transaction is low profitable, but if the exchange rate difference is 4.7%, while the fees and commissions in total are 1.7%, then this the deal will be with a higher delta.

Screenshot_2019-07-28 L7 TRADE – an innovative model of P2P-exchange(2).png

Cryptocurrency trading, as a form of earnings complex and costly, requiring training and practice, during which many lose their money. Interbash arbitration compares favorably with other types of income generation. It does not require a lot of knowledge (most importantly, a basic understanding, the ability to compare and analyze), and to start work it is not necessary to have a large amount of money.

Interbourse arbitration based on the platform operation has other advantages, among which is a low risk threshold. This is due to the high rate of exchange exchange transactions, especially in comparison with regular trading. In case of failure: loss of connection to the trading platform or a sharp change in price, which may entail a negative result, digital assets sent in the exchange cycle are returned to the client’s balance and the operation is automatically canceled. Experts of analyze and select only proven trading platforms for work, with a large trading volume, but everyone has risks, for this reason a method of canceling the exchange has been developed, with a possible questionable operation. And there is also compensation for the asset in case of losses due to changes on the stock exchange at the time of the transaction. For this, affiliate commission of 21% is used if the client has registered without an inviter.

Of course, in the bourse arbitration on the platform every newcomer can achieve success, as in any other field of activity. This money is becoming increasingly popular because of the ease of entry, simplicity and the ability to earn good money, working with any cryptocurrency and any volume! You can test the tool by trying it on a cheaper coin XLM (STELLAR). The minimum input is 20 coins, which is about 2 dollars.

Who is interested in the project can register for my referral link -
If you have any questions, I will be happy to help.


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