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Jun 26, 2018
Here at forum of hyip.com people are united by common interest: investing with quick and high profit. Such result can be achieved by investing in cryptocurrencies or ICOs, but the most suitable option for this is probably hyips. That's, by the way, why the site is called like it is.
It can be a problem to find the most reliable, profitable and interesting hyip of your dream. So to make this process easy and save a lot of time we usually rely on what monitors gives us.


Someday we got the idea to create the ultimate list of all monitors to make sure which are good and useful and which are bad and uncomfortable.
While our team were working on list of the top monitors, we have compared almost a hundred of them, after what we have chosen the best ones for you to use them in everyday work.
So let’s investigate one of the best of such services - hyiplogs; and go a little deeper into the theory.

Why using HYIP monitors

In general such services can offer some interesting, unique and even strange features. The rarest feature for such services is nice design and user friendly interface; fortunately hyiplogs can give this, therefore, during your work on this site you will get the best options to invest in and, what is not less important, some aesthetic pleasure, so that way you will also get a bit more motivation.

Among interesting features we can say, that all of information that investor might need is in one place. For example, the first page that we see, visiting this website, is home page. Here we can note some facts, including that almost 7,5 thousand hyips are listed here as well as more than a hundred blogs and other monitors work hard to provide the most reliable information about investment.
Also here we can see statistics of the whole hyip industry on the graphic below. Two lines, red and green, shows us the quantity of new projects, released during the last ten days as well as the amount of projects, turned out as scams. That’s why you have to always be on the alert, investing in hyips.
There also a few things here, such as ticker of past events and deposit timeline. But it’ll be better for us to go to the most important the hyip listing.

What functions does hyiplogs do?
On this website we can investigate all of the hyips and top hyips, by clicking on the corresponding buttons.
On the “all HYIPs” page there is a simple filter engine, with the help of which you can filter out every project by status or features, including site has a SSL certificate or availability of reviews. Also you can sort them by date of adding, popularity and rating.
After that you see a list of hyips filtered and sorted for you. Every hyip now looks like a block with, how I said before, all information in one place. Let’s take a look at what this information is.


First of all, we see its rating, which is numbered by the stars. Like always, more stars it has, the better it is.
The next one is quantity of RCB offers; similarly with the stars, bigger amount means the more reliability.
There are even more important info on the right, where at first we see date of release and name.
Anyway, trustworthy of any hyip is depends on its payout statistics. In this block there are from 1 up to 3 rectangles: paying, waiting and not paying. I think it wouldn’t be hard for you to understand which hyip you can trust, using this.
Below there are more technical information, such as script, ssl, ip, domain registrar. You probably won’t be very interested in this, so better pay you attention to these:
  • Plans. Which means percent you will get for the certain time
  • Similar hyips. Check them all to get an opportunity to know the life cycle.
  • Forums. There you might find more specific information and people opinions
  • Reviews. It still going to be opinions, but from professional of this industry
On the “TOP HYIPs”, no matter how strange it was not, you can see top HYIPs.


There they are divided into few tops, including: top deposit and withdraw programs, top new and stable programs, top popular and monitored programs and so on.
If you new to investing in HYIPs, you should know that the most important characteristic of any hyip is amount of RCB offers. It is even important enough to has a separate page on hyiplogs, on which you can find any offer, simply using a search engine.

More statistic can be found on the “HYIP industry” page. Deposit, withdraw, scams and more graphics and stats are here.


That’s all about this site. Of course there is a new page, where you’re able to learn more about the industry. But that’s all.
regardless of the fact that you liked the site or you don’t. On the “monitorings”, you can find other popular monitors; it is almost a hundred of them there.
So I’m sure you have find monitor of your dream or you’re going to find it soon!
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Jun 3, 2018
This service is like a desert. There are many HYIP dunes in it. The newcomer will not be able to find a worthwhile project. But this is a good tool for professionals.
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