HYIP Tariff Plans and Their Impact on HYIP Earning Power and Lifetime



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Jun 18, 2018
For gaining profit from online investing you should carefully choose the time of entry and exit from a HYIP. Following a few simple rules, you will be able to do it without financial losses:

  • Try to enter the project when the HYIP is just starting its advertising campaign. As soon as there is a fresh review of the project on our website, you can invest in the project.
  • Invest in the shortest plan, or the optimal one in terms of interest.
  • When completed one investment cycle, reinvest the profits. If you deposit more than it was, it’s almost guaranteed losses.
  • We try very hard to choose only the best projects and do our best for the HYIP to work as long as possible. Therefore, the figures given should be relevant in 90% of cases to HYIPs from Premium section.

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No one knows how long HYIPs work, neither does the admin. Therefore, the most reliable way is to take 10 projects at 10% each. One HYIP goes scam, others pull it out.

The lifetime of each HYIP depends on many circumstances. However, it is safe to say that the operating term of projects with different level of yield is a constant value. This article focuses on the dependence of the HYIP work period on their earning power.

1 HYIPs with a yield of about 2% — the lifetime is 90-days. According to our comprehensive observation, if the project pays approximately 2% per day, its average lifetime is 90 days. Three months is achievable, if the admin was not greedy and properly managed his project. After three months of work the inflow of investors gets weaker, and there are payments worth a decent amount.

2 The plan with a yield of about 1% — the lifetime is 100-110 days. People are unwilling to invest in such projects, so the lifetime does not increase much. As a rule, such HYIPs offer long plans or freeze them forever. The deposit can be withdrawn in 100 days. Then the admin sees that there is no inflow, and the project goes scam in 105-110 days.

3 The plan with a yield of about 3% is to operate during 40-45 days. The higher the percentage, the less a HYIP works. There is a risk of it going scam in the beginning, or, maybe, in 15 days. The excellent operation time — 40-45 days.

4 Fasts. Do not enter into such projects, as the chance of winning tends to zero.

5 There are always exceptions to the rule. There are live examples of projects that have been able to work for much longer time, but this is the exception to the rule. We present average figures.

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