How to profit off affiliate marketing?



Dec 5, 2018
Hi all, is anyone out there somewhat in affiliate business doing OK in 2018? How do you promote the product given market is expanding at light speed? Any tips on how to propel the site to page 1 on Google?

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Jun 3, 2018
@serje Hello,
What search queries are we talking about? The page always promotes on them. Select keywords, create as many articles with them as possible and start creating satellite sites, buying or posting links.


Dec 25, 2018
I think that at the moment, more attention should be paid to promotion in social networks, especially on Instagram and Twitter. To do this, you can even buy promotion on services, to obtain a larger number of subscribers and followers. Of course, the work of SEO is also important and necessary, but I believe that you need diversification and work in different directions to achieve the promise of the goal.


Dec 5, 2018
Social networks are now very important for promoting your product. Therefore, if you want to make your product popular and discussed, then first you need to get a pumped profile, for example in Instagram. This is quite a long and painstaking work, but it can be accelerated with the help of services that increase the number of followers . But it also needs to be accompanied in a natural way, adding content to the page, and set up targeted advertising in instagram. Ultimately, you can get a great tool to promote your business.
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