How to Milk HYIPs — Comprehensive Guide to Investing in HYIPs



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Jun 15, 2018
A little while ago, a complete guide to making money on HYIPs was published in our blog. This unique course was submitted by one of our followers, a successful investor who had agreed to share his investment experience. Today, we publish a summary of this course with indication of the references to the topics.



There is a widespread belief that creators of pyramid schemes get most of the profits while those who come later are left with nothing. If we mean millions in profits, then this statement is true. However, where there is so much money and its owners make enormous profits, there’s always room for a little cash flow for smart people. The Lord told to share! >>>

Keep Calm and Make Profit

For each invested thousand dollars you can earn thousand every month for 3-10 months, depending on the investment success.Looks tempting. You can make money on it! How much can you earn by investing in online pyramid? Up to 50 thousand dollars a month depending on the operational capital. >>>


What is a Ponzi scheme?

As you know, pyramids work on the principle of Ponzi scheme. That is, interest on deposits is paid for the money of depositors themselves and for the money of new investors involved. The scheme is named after Charles Ponzi, who is notorious for using this affair in early 1920. Ponzi is not the author of the idea, but he was the first con artist in the United States who managed to get a huge amount of investment. >>>

Psychology and Risks

A normal, unprepared person cannot resist the “magic” of pyramids. He will invest there the last penny in the hope of high profits. This is not because these people are trustful by nature nor have weak adequacy.>>>

Payment Providers

It is enough to look at the monitoring of investment projects to see the funds that programs accept. They are marked with the payment system logo. To start your investment business we have to get online wallets where the money can come from and to. >>>


Do not skip this section! It is really necessary to know, otherwise you can lose time and money because of your own negligence. Besides, payment systems may unexpectedly shut down, as it was the case with E-Gold, e-Bullion, and dozens of smaller players in this market, their money can be lost overnight. >>>

How to Deposit Cash

It is possible to buy e-currencies both on the official website of the bank payment bills and from many exchanges.It is more convenient to buy cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply sign up for any popular one. >>>

A Little Bit of Motivations

First of all, decide for yourself what you need to invest in HYIPs for, or what type of the investor you are. In the future it will help you determine the investment strategy.Ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly:

Do you want to know about this kind of investment just out of curiosity?

Do you need extra income? Or do you wish to make an investment in HYIPs your main occupation? >>>

Objectives and Deadlines

You need to know the answer on the following question: Within what period do you expect to see results? The longer the term of your investment, the lower the risk of your investments.However, if you have the desire to get rich quickly or get immediate results, it means that you have a short-sighted action program, and you have to risk a lot. Thus, the chances of success will be lower and the risk of losses will increase. >>>

How Much Money Should be Invested?

First of all, you need to learn the overriding rule that you have to apply in any area of capital investment: “DO NOT INVEST MONEY THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE!” What amounts are we talking about? Those funds that you need to cover monthly expenses (housing, utilities, car, food, loans, etc.), tuition for school / college, debts or important events, etc. >>>

What are the Risks?

The higher the risk, the higher the profit … and losses! Neither HYIP program gives you Money refund guarantee! The same thing happens at investing money in stocks, real estate, forex, etc. Remember that HYIPs are not subject to any legislative institutions, and therefore, they cannot be compelled to give any guarantee or to perform any obligations. That is, if you want to avoid all risks, do not invest! >>>
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Jun 15, 2018
Will You be Able to Earn on HYIPs?

Will you be able to earn on HYIPs? Of course, without any doubt! If others are able, then so can you! How much? It depends on your initial capital, goals, strategies, investment, knowledge, experience and risk you are willing to take. >>>

How and Where to Find HYIPs?

HYIP programs can be found in several ways. Through monitoring — browse for “HYIP monitoring.” On such sites there are lists describing different HYIP programs, their payment status (pay / not pay), and information on interest and other. >>>


Types of HYIPs

In this article we will continue to learn all the details of HYIP investment. Namely, we will talk about the main types of HYIPs we often will come across. I always draw a distinction between 2 types of HYIPs: low risk and high risk HYIPs. >>>

Full Audit & Careful Analysis

Let’s continue and examine another factors we must pay attention, choosing an investment program — certifications and website statistics. Very often, HYIPs try to prove their reliability and legitimacy by publishing company’s certificates. However, to found a company in any offshore country costs just a few hundred dollars, and everything can be done anonymously on the Internet. >>>

Alexa and Google’s site Analytics

Now I suggest taking a look into Alexa and Google’s site analytics and a HYIP contact data. These ratings let you know about the website popularity. >>>

How to Work with Info from HYIP Forums

Forums are a very important source of information. As mentioned above, the launch of new HYIP programs are often announced on the forums. In addition, you can find them a lot of useful information about already existing HYIP. Investors can share experiences about a particular project or investing money in general. >>>

How to Work with Monitors

HYIP Monitoring is another important source of information. HYIP monitors trace through HYIP programs and make the classification / rating of HYIPs. They post information about the payment status, investment plans, the launch date of the program, etc. Moreover, monitors offer blacklisted HYIPs that no longer exist or do not pay. >>>

How to Read HYIP Monitor Buttons

How to Read HYIP Reviews

Let us now analyze the information we can find on the monitoring sites in the section “program review” of any HYIP. As always, we’ll use a fictitious program, but including all the information that you can normally see on these sites. >>>

Part 1 , Part 2

HYIP Analysis: Search Queries, Advertising, Spam

In this article we continue to play role of Sherlock Holmes by analyzing all available data on a HYIP. Namely, we will consider what useful information can be collected from HYIP advertising and due to well formulated search terms.>>>

Terms & Conditions of Investment

Be sure that you understand very well and know the investment terms and conditions of the HYIP in which you want to invest your money. The following points require special attention: Are payments made directly to your e-wallet or onto your internal account? Whether payment or withdrawal of your interest accruals / capital takes place automatically? Or do you need to make an additional appropriate request? >>>

HYIP Interest Rate

The analysis of interest rates will help us to determine what HYIP we’re dealing with. As it has been described above, there are 2 different types of HYIPs: low-risk and high-risk. >>>

Basic Rules of HYIP Investing

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

HYIP Strategies

The strategy importance has already been mentioned about several times in this blog. Examples and advice that you will see in this chapter are only recommendations! Obviously, you need to develop your own strategy to set clear achievable goals according to your capabilities to be a successful investor in HYIPs. >>>

Investment Strategy #1 ,

investment strategy #2,

investment strategies #3, #4.
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Jul 4, 2019
I do HYIPs very carefully. These are very risky projects and even experts are often mistaken.
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