How to Make Money from ICO Bounty Programs: A Comprehensive Guide



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Jun 17, 2018
Here's the best step by step template for
making money from Bounty Campaign!

An initial coin offering (ICO), a type of crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies, is a means of raising capital. ICO is offered by a startup team when there is a need to raise funds for launch or develop the project. Usually, ICO is conducted in the early stage of projects implementation, before the creation their full-fledged infrastructure. During the ICO, the project team sells digital tokens for crypto-currencies or fiat money to investors. Later, these coins can be used on the project platform as an internal currency or trade them on exchanges.

Comprehensive Guide.jpg

Bounty is a reward offered by project developers who run ICO for any participation in the project. And the award itself is project’s tokens, which bounty campaign participants receive for their work. So, users get a “piece” of cake, baked together, by promoting the project or by assisting it in other ways.

About the Course

This course is devoted to ways of earning on ICO bounty campaign, a kind of ICO advertising campaigns aimed at attracting investors, a kind of ICO advertising campaigns aimed at attracting direct investment. Since the investment is the main task of ICOs, its developers are ready to give a larger slice of the pie to those who will advertise their project and attract funding. And you can become someone who makes good money with Bounty Programs!

In this course, I will describe all the stages of earning on ICO Bounty Programs as well as step you through all related issues, from Bitcointalk Account creation to the profit withdrawal.

So, why are ICO teams willing to pay well for advertising of their projects and how exactly you can make money from Bounties without spending a penny?

Bounty reward is an important component of any ICO campaign. Many startups build a bounty program into the promotion strategy. Reward is paid for performing various marketing activities, testing software, searching for errors or even for advice on improving the structure of the project. Bonuses are usually in the form of tokens or (much less often, fiat money).

Usually bounty campaign includes various activities in social networks, writing articles, Bitcointalk signature bounties. Since the reward is paid in tokens, in fact, for awhile, you will work for funny money. But when the project утеукы to the stock exchange, immediately or in a few months — you can sell the tokens and get fiat money or wait the price increases.

In the following posts we will consider in detail preparatory process to bounty earning. Namely, I will share the tips and secrets of Bitcointalk account signup and tell you what to look for when buying the account. Please, subscribing to my blog so you won't miss the next lesson!
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Jun 17, 2018
Lesson 2
How to Create a Bitcointalk Account

Bitcointalk is the official forum for the crypto-community. It provides the most comprehensive information about everything that happens in the world of cryptocurrency and is one of the most important tools for working with ICO Bounty Campaigns.

Separate Mailbox

To register on the forum, I recommend that you create a separate mailbox — high ranked Bitcointalk accounts are in demand, and if you decide to sell your account over time, it will be much easier to do so if the account is registered to a separate mailbox. In any case, the email of your account is very important, so do not open Bitcointalk account on the "junk" mail — either create a separate mailbox for your account or open it on your main mailbox.

Filling in the Profile

So, you are registered. After registration, you can go to your profile and see if your email is hidden — usually by default the email is hidden from the public. (there is a checkmark next to the question ‘Hide email address from public?’) Also, you can immediately specify whether to hide your online status in the Profile — Account Related Status section.


Forum Rules and Ban

In order not to be banned, you must adhere to the following most important rules / guidelines:

  • No embedded NSFW images anywhere. NSFW links need to be marked as such.
  • No discussion of how to find illegal trading sites. Discussion about the sites is OK.
  • No off-topic posts. (This also covers spam.)
  • No trolling.
  • Topics should be in the correct section.
  • Topics should not be pointless.
  • Topic creation should not be annoying. There should not be too many topics about the same thing in a short time period, and individuals should not post too many topics. "Too many" depends on the quality of the topics.
As you can see, the forum does not prohibit multi-account. At the same time, if one of your accounts is banned, your account network can also be banned.


After registering an account, you can receive a proxy ban. It looks like this:


This is because some account registered under the IP of your subnet has already been banned. A proxy ban can be withdrawn either via the required payment, or in an easier way. You just need to log in again from someone else's computer with the previously unbanned IP — thus your ban will be canceled, and most importantly, you can then log on to the forum without any problems from your computer.

Anti-theft protection

Since Bitcointalk accounts, especially high-rank accounts, are valuable — there is a high probability that your account can be stolen. Even if you have hidden your email address in the profile, scammers can steal your account by picking up a password to login.

In order to minimize the risk of theft and guarantee the account recovery after the theft, you can link the address of your BTC wallet and PGP public key to your account by publishing this information as a post in this topic:

Stake your Bitcoin address here.

Your post will be cited by the forum user and thus the connection of your BTC wallet and account will be fixed in the history of the forum. In the future, thanks to this entry, you will be able to restore your account in case of its theft, confirming the address of your BTC wallet.

Important Tip: if you forget the password, do not try to restore it using Secret Questions, which you can specify in the Profile when registering. Practice shows that attempts to restore the password often lead to an auto-ban — typical for the forum. It's better to reset the password.
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Jun 17, 2018
Lesson 3
Purchasing an account

Since it takes time to "grow" a high-ranking account, many users buy existing Bitcointalk accounts. This can be done both in specialized online stores, e.g.

BitcoinTalk Accounts - Buy Sell Trade

But it is much more profitable to trade accounts on the forum itself. To carry out the sale of accounts is better in Auction section.


Here you can always find offers to sell or buy high-ranks Bitcointalk accounts. In general, the forum offers more than online stores do.


Keep in mind that very often stolen accounts are put up for sale - after all, the sale of Bitcointalk accounts is a big business. Therefore, when buying, it is very important to be able to recognize a problem account.

What should you pay attention to when buying an account:

  • Ask the seller to write you from the account which he sells.
  • Study the account profile. Pay attention to such indicators as Date Registered and Activity.
For example, you should not buy an account registered in 2012, but having 167 points of activity. Most likely, this account was stolen, kept idle for several years, and now they decide to sell it.
  • Pay attention to the language of the published posts of the previous account holder (see Profile Info - Show Posts). The stolen accounts can be determined due to different language publications in different periods (this can be both stylistic differences and literally different languages — for example, English and German).
  • Also, you should be alerted by large breaks in publications, from one year to several years.
  • A good tool for analyzing the account can become a log of changing mail and password — the so-called seclog.

Here you can see when and which accounts mailbox and passwords have been changed to over the past few years. You can see by the account name, whether the mailbox fixed to it has been changed recently.

  • It is also worth checking (on the thread with addresses of BTC wallets, which I wrote about above), if there is an account that you are going to buy. If the previous owner published there a post with data on his account and the BTC wallet, he can easily restore access to the account.

What is Trust?

There is Trust indicator in the Profile of each account. This is a certain rating of reviews left by the forum users. If your Trust contains many negative messages (they are always highlighted in red), companies may refuse you to participate in their ICO Bounty.

Trust EX.jpg

There you can see two accounts with positive and negative trusts.

In addition, if there is a message 'This user recently woke up from a long period of inactivity' in the Account Trust, this is a clear sign that the account was hacked, the password changed, and, accordingly, the account activity appeared after a long time.

Disadvantages of stolen accounts:

  • the former account owner can restore his rights to it, if the account is tied to the BTC wallet.
  • If the account is sold without the original mailbox, then when you start to change the mailbox, a letter with a link will be sent to the mailbox of the previous account owner, so by going through it the latter will be given access to the account (which, most likely, was stolen) - in the same way you will lose both access to the purchased account and money spent on it.
  • High-ranking accounts, for example with Legendary rank, often belong to users who are personally familiar with the forum's administrators. And if such a Legendary rank account "wakes up after a long period of inactivity," the administration will quickly figure out that another person is hiding behind it - and the message will appear in trust that you have bought the stolen account. On the other hand, if you are targeting an account that is not higher than the Full Member rank, then you can take a chance and buy it.

Account Purchase Rules

  • Buy accounts with access to the original mail. So no one will restore the account (unless, of course, it is tied to BTC address, or forum admins know the former owner personally)
  • Account purchase transactions should be made through escrow-sites, warranty services, taking on the role of "arbitrator" between the buyer and the online platform. Escrow services work as follows. Payment for the goods is not transferred immediately to the seller, but to an independent third party — the guarantor service — and is retained there until the order is transferred to and verified by the buyer. Thus, the seller will receive payment for the account, when you confirm that you have no complaints about the account.
Escrow services are also available on the forum itself. The middleman can still confirm the transaction with his signature — he writes to the seller that this is a payment for such an account — this signature can serve as a proof for the middlemen that the account was sold and it is now yours. Signing a transaction is especially relevant for high-rank accounts, so if your escrow provider signs transactions, use this service.

  • If you are not going to participate in the bounty, anyway, create an account. It's better that you have an early registration, than you have to work with a "newborn" account. You can create several accounts at once.
:rtfm:Important Tip: Do not create accounts from the browser pages in the incognito mode. I’ve created 2 accounts without any problems from one IP. I tried to create the third, for interest, in the incognito mode, and immediately got a proxy ban. So you do not need to create anything in the incognito mode.
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Jun 17, 2018
Lesson 4

Basics of Forum Working

Now let's look at the basics of working on the forum.

Replay — There is no special answer field on the forum. To answer a message, you need to click Replay button below it. It is only after that the window will appear where you can write your answer.

Link to a message — in order to provide a link to the message on the forum, you need to click on the message number and copy the address of the link with the right button of the mouse.

Tracking a User’s Message — In order to keep track of all the user's messages, you need to go to his Profile, then go through the link Show the last posts of this person — and save the URL of this link. By accessing this link, you can monitor messages from important users (bounty managers). You can gain up to several dozen of such links, which need to be checked at least once a day not to miss updates


View the latest posts in the topic

Suppose you browsed the forum thread that interests you and went to it the next day. Probably, there will be a lot of new messages on the thread, including spam. not to look for the place where you stopped reading the thread yesterday, just add new#new in the URL thread and save the link

Now, each time you click on this link, you'll get to unread messages. And you do not have to scroll down in search of the information you need.

Searching rules and posting restrictions

Searching the forum. The forum is arranged so that the lower the account rank, the longer the search time. Also keep in mind that if you went to, for example, German thread and tried to search something in English, you will get results only in German. Thus, the language of the forum page determines the language of the search results.


360 seconds between messages is the allowed periodicity of publications for beginners. Naturally, the higher the status of your account, the less the required time gap between publications.

Ranking System

The forum has a ranking system on your salary on bounty programs depends on. The higher the rank of your account, the more you are paid. All the basic ranks that can be given to ordinary users are:

Brand New, Newbie, Jr. Member, Member, Full Member, Sr. Member, Hero Member, and Legendary.

It takes time to raise an account for a particular rank. For example, to get a Full Member account, you need to publish messages on the forum within 4-5 months.


Activity in the Profile is the growth rate of your account. Activity increases every 14 days. But to increase it, you need to publish at least 14 messages.

You can also write more than 14 messages, and then you must post 1 message a day during 14 days, so that your activity is credited. Activity will increase due to previously published messages.

Thus, Junior Member account can be grown in 16 days by writing 42 messages.

:rtfm:Important Tip: Do not publish non-informative messages, such as "Nice concept, great team, and overall, a promising project, good job". Such a message will be regarded as spam and if you continue junk-posting, you may be banned.

The time you need to increase the rank of different accounts:

Jnr Member — 1,5 months

Member — 2.5 month

Full Member — 4,5 months

Senior — 8,5

Hero — more than a year

Legendary 1,5 years

Avatar and Signature

Only Full Members and up are allowed to wear avatars.

Newbie accounts are not allowed to participate in bounty campaigns. Also, this may apply to Junior Member accounts, the cost of which is also low.

Participation in the ICO Bounty is possible starting with the member account. But if you decide to buy an account rather than grow, it is better to buy Full Member — it is a serious account for which you will be paid the best money with participation in the Bounty.

:secret:Important Tip: To earn from bounty campaigns, it's better to buy 5 Full Member accounts than to buy 1 Legendary account for the same amount. As Legendary account is paid 2-3 times more than the Full Member account in the bounty campaigns, despite the fact that it costs 5 times as more.


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Jun 17, 2018
Lesson 5

BitcoinTalk Merit system

To increase the account rank, you need to use the merit system which works on the forum. Merit is a conditional designation of likes, which members of the community award you with. In order to get a Member account you need to get 10 merits in addition to 30 points in Activity. To become a Full Member, you need to get 100 merits, Sr. Member — 250, Hero – 500, Legendary -1000.


The merit system, of course, complicates the "raising" of an account for beginners, but it is not so difficult to earn merits. How to do it:

1. Writing useful content

It's better if you create a Forum thread, not just a post. I advise you to create threads with instructions, lessons, guides — what that can really be useful to users. Such threads bring many merits. You can see the most popular threads in the section Merit Status:

Bitcoin Forum > Merit > Merit Stats > Top-merited recent topics;stats=toptopics

2. Purchase and exchange of merits

  • Buy not more than 2-3 merits per 1 post or thread, otherwise it will cause suspicion of the forum administration.
  • If you decide to buy merits, prepare a few good posts on different topics for publication to buy merits for them.
  • Do not buy merits from one user.
Merit exchange:

  • Do not exchange merits with one user in one day (send him your merits in a few days after he sends merits to you)
  • to purchase and exchange merits, use a separate account that is not connected with your main account. There are enough tattletales on the forum, and admins’ll learn about your "fraud" instantly.
In general, it is necessary to exchange merits so that you are not suspected of it. And it is better to collect merits in a fair way.


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Jun 17, 2018
Lesson 6
Preparing a Twitter account

The first thing you need to determine when you open a Twitter account is the place where you take it: open a new one or buy.

Many companies require accounts to be over 3 months to participate in the bounty. Тhat is: if you open a new tweeter account, you can work with it only after a few months.

Purchasing an Account

You can purchase both a simple tweeter account that is suitable as for age, and a promoted account, with a large number of followers. As you know, the latter will cost more.

To participate in a bounty program it is often required for the account to have up to 90 real followers. You can check the number of real and fake subscribers on the Twitter Audit service.

TwitterAudit | Audit your Twitter followers.

With the help of this service, you can also clear an account from fake followers by paying a PRO subscription (from $ 5). Therefore, you can buy an account that meets age requirements, clean it from bots and then promote it yourself.


To participate in a bounty program you will need to attract several thousand of subscribers. This is the number of subscribers that will allow you to participate in almost all bounty programs. In addition, accounts with a large number of subscribers are paid significantly higher in bounty programs.

Where can I buy an account?

  • On special websites
  • in the Auction section on Bitcointalk
How to attract followers?

1. To attract subscribers you can use special paid services.

If the account is new, get no more than 100-200 people a day

If the account is old, you can attract several thousand people a day.

2. The options for free Attractions of followers include:

  • mutual following on the forum
  • subscription to bounty program participants and their friends. Most bounty programs have public access to data on their participation. You can take huge lists of contacts with links to profiles in different social networks. A big plus of such a subscription is that bounty program participants love mutual subscription, and their numerous followers are likely to subscribe to you too.
  • There are many lists for mutual subscription on the Tweeter
  • Actively use the hashtags #followback #TeamFollowBack # Follow4Follow # Follow2BeFollowed
  • Sometimes participants in one bounty program are required to have one hashtag. You can find them on Twitter due to this hashtag and offer a mutual following.
  • Subscription to the accounts of Arabs and Indians. Such followers have huge networks of "friends" and by subscribing to one, you get several thousand additional followers.
Useful Services: (the service of mutual subscription. I recommend subscribing no more than 50 people a day) — the service will help you attract those who are not subscribed to you or have low rating accounts. When unsubscribing, be careful not to unsubscribe from the bounty account, which may also have a low rating. (paid service)

Twitter Limits:

- you can make friends with up to 1,000 followers a day,

About Twitter limits
  • Twitter has a stupid rule that once you reach 5,000 Twitter community members, you can not add more than about 10% of your current following. (Remember all numbers are relative, and slightly differently per account

  • According to Twitter’s policy, It’s done to limit the strain of the platform and limit the abuse.

Following limit FAQs


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Jun 17, 2018
Lesson 7

Facebook account

To participate in the bounty program, your FB account must be older than 3 months. It should be an account with a fully filled profile, preferably attached to the phone number. My experience shows that fake accounts are allowed to participate in the bounty, i.e. you do not have to write all your personal data.

Ways to attract friends:

  • threads with mutual subscriptions on Bitcointalk Forum
  • subscription to bounty program participants and their friends
  • adding Arabs and Indians to the list of friends

:clap:accounts with 300-500 friends are allowed to participate in the bounty program. But I recommend that you recruit 2-3 thousand friends so that you can participate in all the bounties without restrictions. Also do not forget that the number of your subscribers directly affects your payments in the bounty program.

:ok:For normal promotion of the account, you must add 20-40 friends a day and accept the same number of requests for addition to friends

Be sure to set the option to subscribe to you.

Settings — Public Posts — Who Can Follow Me (Public)


Protection from account ban

  • it is desirable to use the same useragent
  • Increase the account trust (add friends of friends, write quality posts, so that your account seems active)
  • Add photos of those people whose selfies you can provide if necessary to the photo album (the FB administration may request such photos from you to unban the account)
  • if you bought an account, do not change the username and password immediately.
  • DO NOT publish in your account photos from social networks or from Google. It's better to take good photos in photostock.

Additional accounts

In addition to the three main accounts (bitcointalk, twitter, facebook), you can create a number of additional accounts, which will also bring profit in bounties. In addition, here you will not face such a big competition, since not all members of the bounty program have additional accounts.

Additional accounts:

Messengers -- Telegram Web

your own website


youtube channel
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