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May 3, 2018
In order to avoid affiliate link hijacking, advertising of fraudulent schemes, and to reduce amount of spam, all posts published by registered forum users are subject for moderation and approval. To public posts without moderation delay (except for HYIP Reviews section), you need to get Verified account.

For that, you should publish 5 useful (approved by our moderators) posts in any forum threads. Then your account will be upgraded to 'Verified' automatically. You can also buy 'Verified' status for $ 5, using
Account Upgrade menu.

The third and easiest way to get Verified is to post interesting introduction of yourself in the Let's Introduce Ourselves thread.

Namely, you should introduce yourself by answering the following questions:

  1. What is your full name, age, country?
  2. What is your current occupation? Ways of earnings online should have more detailed description.
  3. How did you know about
  4. What forum sections are you most interested in?
  5. Which online projects do you prefer to deal with?
  6. Describe your interests, hobbies, and any other tidbits you would like to share.
:rtfm: Bear in mind, a Registered user must have an avatar before he/she apply for account status upgrading.

Your status will be changed for 'Verified' manually by moderators or administration.

Forum rules apply to all community members regardless of their account statuses. Any breaking of the rules will lead to account ban.
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Aug 3, 2020
Hi Alex I just open this thread to read what is in it, and suddenly surprised to see you avatar , He is lord Shiva, Hindu god. anyway I will get verified soon because I am not here to earn money. I just want to gain knowledge and trending topic. I have experience about HYIP before as I have started IM from this.

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