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Aug 20, 2018

It’s a fact that most affiliates work with networks. Many of them also have direct business with advertisers, but this group is way smaller. Networks with their affiliate programs give marketers a great opportunity to earn money online without spending their time negotiating with advertisers and searching for individual offers. Yes, they take a % from your income for this, put it’s more than reasonable price in most cases.

Networks are way easier to cooperate with than individual advertisers. At the same time, some issues may occur here too. In most cases it’s more about newbies, who don’t have experience and make a lot of mistakes when trying to apply for network. So, let’s dive deeper into the topic to find out how to be approved and not to make common mistakes.

I am new in the market, what should I do?

There are a couple of tips that will work best in this case:

1. Don’t even try to apply and negotiate with the network’s affiliate manager when you don’t have any idea about what this business is about. The first thing to do is self-education. You definitely have to understand basic terms, market structure, have some knowledge concerning traffic, targeting, keywords etc. It’s obvious that you’ll need that to earn any money in this marketing sphere. Where can you get the required info? Well, there are a lot of topic-related articles, blogs and forums. At the beginning, it’ll be enough.

2. Your application letter should be the best possible representative of yours. Try to wisely highlight your knowledge and skills. Also, tell about your experience, but don’t lie. If the truth emerges, you’ll surely be banned.

3. Be patient with your application. You’re not the single marketer in the world, so wait until the reply will come. If it doesn’t happen for a very long time, then write again and try to give the affiliate manager as many reasons to work with you as possible.

4. Don’t be scattered between many affiliate programs. It’s better to have one or two surefire options than to lose all your chances in the end.

A short conclusion

Every marketer who has some basic knowledge of the topic and who is willing to work on marketing skills has great chances to be approved by almost any network. Just be confident, always try to reach better results and be honest about your skills and experience. That will be your ticket to the successful marketing future.
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Carly Swinson

Carly Swinson

Sep 3, 2018
Nice detailed analysis on affiliate marketing, i agree that there are many complicated steps to make before one can apply. Especially for the newbies. They should always go with there strength, means that they should apply for the product which they already know of. There are tons of items available on any affiliate program so one should know how to chose the right product which is trendy and also pays good commission. Once I have come across a website named revglue which is offering to provide all the affiliate data and will handle all the complicated registration for any newbie who want to monetize their website. revglue(.)com/bespoke is where anyone can find details about it. Any how working on a good niche is very essential to the success in this work. Passion or hobby base niche are the best niche one can work with. Finally you can also keep on eye on the refund rate while selecting product for affiliate. As for the most evergreen and profitable market is health. You can choose any niche like fitness, diabetes, blood pressure or hair loss without the worrying about that them ever going out of demand.
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Sep 11, 2018
Thank you, I understand that in order to take the first step, you still have to learn.
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