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Jun 17, 2018
It's no secret that many millionaires have grown rich by investing in revolutionary technology. Find out here how to distinguish promising innovations from dummy projects and find new Amazon, Netflix or Apple before they turn into giants of the industry.

Step 1. Find a market that needs change

In the case of Amazon, it all began with an aging, unwieldy retail sector. In the early 1990s, there were mostly only large stores and retail chains in the retail sector. The new technology — the Internet — has allowed to change it beyond recognition. How to reduce the costs associated with running a retail business? The answer was simple: move it to the Web!

Netflix was created as a direct competitor to video stores with their unjustified policy of charging fines for the delay in the return of video cassettes. In addition, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings was eager to repeat the success of Amazon. He has found a bloated, inefficient consumer market and radically rethought the mechanism of its work.

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Steve Jobs' triumphant return to Apple has allowed the company avoid a financial disaster. In 1997, Jobs tried to rebuild Apple focusing on creating "unique products." At that time, he had already discovered several "giant holes" in the market that had to be filled. iPods and the iTunes service have been introduced during the next four years. Launched in 2007, iPhone has become a long-term source of revenue for Apple. According to Jobs, the mobile device market developed in the wrong direction from the very beginning, and he just offered his ideas.

Step 2. Find companies that can change this market

The next Netflix can create a centralized and cheap technology platform for a certain market segment, simultaneously turning into another multibillion-dollar business. Next Apple can invent unique devices that will simplify and improve our daily activities — for example, shaving. Next Amazon can come up with a revolutionary system of distribution and ordering of goods. Who knows what startup cardinally changes our life — it maybe well be your project. Future giants can work in the garage, yet unprepared for the public market. Or it could be an old corporation that is looking for new market opportunities. If its shares are traded on the market, everything is ready for the third step. Keep in mind that many of the giants had a low capitalization in the past. Perhaps some of the current small companies in a few years will turn into multi-billion dollar conglomerates, so do not write them off just because of the size and unknown name.

Step 3. Make sure that the idea has a real business model behind it

There are a lot of ideas in the world. The real value of a good idea is the availability of a workable business model around revolutionary technology.

You will have to learn quarterly reports, listen to press conferences, look into all sorts of documents. Is the idea ready for implementation? Did the company miss the right moment? Does she have enough money to release a new product or service to the market? Is the company forced to attract expensive financing or "rob" investors by selling new shares?


Please note: Netflix is now "burning" money to create a first-class library of original shows. Similarly, Amazon entered the 1990s, following the path of creating an e-commerce giant. Apple lost money during most of the 1990s and early 2000s as it moved to iPod and iTunes.

Invest money now to reap the rewards in future. The main thing is to make sure that the company can afford a planned expenses without damage to financial stability. Some investors prefer to minimize risks by refusing shares of unprofitable companies or companies with negative cash flow. That's fine, but bear in mind that it is impossible to achieve high long-term results without taking financial risks. The decision is yours. Many investors who are interested in new technologies are ready to put up with a well-calculated and understandable risk.

Step 4. Invest and then closely follow the revolution in the sector you select

Of course, you can bet on some promising technology and then forget about it for several years or decades. But this is gambling, not investing. The idea is to find a new strong player in a certain area, and then actively monitor the development of the situation on the market. A lot can go wrong, so you should always be ready to take appropriate action. Sometimes this means that the company's shares have to be sold.

At one time, Blackberry smartphones were so popular that the company's management did not perceive Apple as a rival, believing that a full keyboard and reliable data protection would always be out of the competition. Blackberry co-director Jim Balsilli even publicly thanked Apple for his contribution to the development of the smartphone market. The Blackberry revolution was stopped by new iPhones and Android-smartphones from other manufacturers, convenient app stores and powerful marketing.


In other cases, temporary problems allows to buy shares of promising companies at lower prices. In 2011, Netflix announced the spin-off of the DVD distribution business as a separate company, Qwikster. Investors considered the decision as a mistake, and the service shares collapsed. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings quickly abandoned this venture but remained fully in force the separation of DVD subscribers and online services. When it became obvious that Hastings had corrected his mistake, considerate investors began to buy up the company's shares. Over the past six years, the initial investment in Netflix would have increased 13 times. In this case, sale of shares would become a great mistake.

In other words, it is necessary to constantly monitor the changes in market by reducing or increasing the position. The better an investor understands the target market, the easier he can take advantage of market changes.
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Jun 3, 2018
You don't appreciate the time if you want look for these companies manually. I think, millioners from your post have a large team of analysts. The young investor cannot afford it, but he may be a ingenious strategist. He will only develop own strategy and bring it to the IT agency. There he will get a script that automates him work. Profit.
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