How to create Perfect Money Account for anonymous and fast online Payments



Jun 26, 2018
Creating Perfect Money account detailed instructions, with photos, advises and some tips for beginners

Perfect money is online payment system which was developed so everyone on the web was able to make anonymous, fast and cheap transactions. Of course, bitcoin is much more suitable for this, but first of all, it's not as spread and used, what is more, it is very hard to use cryptocurrencies while specialized payment systems can offer you user-friendly interface and great amount of functions.

The most popular of them you might be interested in are: money transfers inside the system, pay for something on the web including regular payments (i.e. subscriptions or salaries), save your finances in safe place and get percent for that and probably the best what Perfect Money offers is an opportunity to get cryptocurrency wallet easily.

Bitcoin and Blockchain after a Decade -

Other currencies supported are US dollar, Euro and gold equivalent. Knowing so much about the system functionality you might have wondered no once how to create a wallet of Perfect Money. This is pretty simple task - all you have to do is:

  • Find registration button on the top of the website
  • Fill the form with your personal data

Extremely easy, isn't it? However, there are a few aspects you should pay attention to. First of all, you have to choose type of the account you like to have. There are two options: business and personal, like you might have thought personal is for individuals, business on the other hand is for legal person.


Another what you will have to choose creating a profile is account level: either Premium or Standard, you can also continue with Normal if you aren't interested in some special services and all you want is online payments. In order to get first status you must have been using the payment system for more than a year or have a small fortune. Another level - Partner, you can get this if you run some business, for example stock or currency exchange.

Perfect Money is one of the most commonly used payment systems in the world, so having a wallet of this system is simply essential for every active user of the internet.


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