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Aug 20, 2018

Choosing a right affiliate marketing offer is an essential thing to earn good money online. There are hundreds and thousands of possible variants, so which one you should select? Well, before you grab a certain offer and start to send traffic there, it’ll be wise to find the market sphere that suits you best. All the big market sectors are called verticals, so let’s look at them a bit closer.

Vertical types
A vertical is a huge market sphere, which includes tens of niches and a great many of offers. The most promising and lucrative verticals are the following:

1. E-commerce sphere. This is literary a huge market area. There are tons of e-shops you can work with. Your job is to deliver potential customers here. This vertical is good, cause it’s very wide and you can choose any part of it you want from electronics to health care products. E-commerce usually works on lead generation basis or pay per sell.

2. Installing apps. This market are is also very wide. Due to Google Play Market, Apple App Store and other similar web shops, the sphere has become one of the most lucrative for affiliates. Your job here is to motivate users to install paid or free apps. If they do so, you’ll get a certain reward. Though, this vertical often requires a decent amount of promotional work, cause you really have to persuade your audience that the app you’re advertising is really that good.

3. Nutrition supplements is also a lucrative sphere, which is able to deliver substantial profits. However, it works best in developed GEOs, while in the lower tier ones it’ll bring way less money. There are a couple of ways how to earn here from delivering potential customers to receiving reward for every sale.

4. Dating. This one is really an evergreen vertical, cause there always be people who search for partners. It’s divided into two sectors: mainstream and adult. As you can understand, it’s because of reasons why do people search for a partner. Making money here is all about selling people paid subscriptions and related products using your affiliate skills.

5. Carrier billing vertical. This sphere is good for those, who works with carrier traffic. You can promote literary everything here. The idea is that people make purchases using their mobile carrier account. So, everything that can be bought using this account is potentially good to advertise.

6. Opportunities for business. How often do you see offers that tell you “Hey, you can make a lot of money here. We’ll show you how”? That is what business opportunity is about. Affiliates earn money in this vertical by delivering leads or selling paid memberships.

7. Financial sphere products. This vertical is the most lucrative in developed GEOs. It is so, cause people in these countries have high purchasing power and they’re willing to pay for such products. Here you’ll promote loans, insurance, mortgages etc. Working in such sphere you usually receive reward on pay per lead basis.

8. Gambling vertical. This part of market is often considered as some kind of business opportunity, even though it’s not something where people are supposed to earn money. Gambling has to be just fun with a chance to receive valuable prizes. At the same time, it’s really a lucrative sphere for marketers, who promote it. Affiliates get a certain sum of money every time they deliver paid customers.

9. Contests and lotteries. The idea is that potential customers give their emails or some other personal data to take part in the competition in order to win a prize. This data will be used for future advertising and offering them various products. As for you, your job is to persuade them take part in the competition.

Offers and niches

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Conversion flow without any payments
These offers are just perfect for affiliates, who are new in the business. You don’t have to persuade anyone to pay money for products, so way less efforts are needed. It also means it’s much easier to get a conversion. Other pros are low budget requirements and high volumes in lower GEOs. As for cons, such offers may have some quality problems, and they won’t deliver high earnings per conversion. This type of flow includes the following:

1. Lead generation. Here you don’t have to sell anything. Just deliver potential customers d get your reward. This kind of flow is probably the most lucrative in the category, cause leads can be very valuable. They can turn into paid customers, who’ll spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on products and services.

2. Free mobile apps. It’s not so difficult to persuade your visitors install a free app, in case it is useful and safe to use. You’ll get a fixed reward for this. At the same time, app owners will earn money on internal purchases, advertising, full versions of the software etc.

3. Desktop programs. Everything is the same as in mobile apps, but rewards are usually higher. Still, these programs are a bit harder to promote.

4. Incentive flow. It presumes users will get a certain reward foe a desired action. As for you, you’ll get your fixed payment per conversion. The idea here is that these users will be a target for future advertising, which will be more effective with the data they’ve given to receive a small prize.

5. Free membership. The end of the flow here is when a user subscribes to become a free member. After that you’ll be paid a certain sum of money. It’s good for advertisers, cause a part of these users will become paid members and deliver profit.

6. A chance to win something (Sweepstakes). Web users give some personal info like email or phone number to take part in the competition. You get you reward for this and advertisers get potential customers, who are now targets for future advertising.

7. Forum submit. Again, the goal here is to turn ordinary web surfers into potential customers, who’ll make purchases in the future. You job is to make them submit using various marketing tools, landing pages, ads etc.

Conversion flow that includes payments
This kind of flow is better for experienced affiliates, still skillful and aspiring newbies can also handle with it. Offers of this kind usually deliver high profit per conversion. They don’t meet many quality problems and they work best in the developed GEOs. However, you’ll definitely require a substantial budget and precise targeting. As you can understand, more efforts are needed here to reach conversion. The mentioned flow type includes:

1. Pay per sale. Your goal is to lead your visitors from the initial click to the final purchase. As they reach the final point, the conversion is counted and you’ll receive your reward.

2. Paid membership flow. As you can guess, a paid subscription is required to make the conversion valid. The best thing about this method is that some offers presume you’ll get money mot once, but every time the customer you’ve delivered makes new purchases.

3. Pay per call. Your job here is to persuade users call to a certain phone number. Usually, the per minute price of the call is really high.

4. Cash on delivery model. It has a lot of common feature with pay per sale approach. Still, the flow is a bit different, cause there are such stages as ordering a product, order verification and delivery.

5. Carrier billing. This flow model is perfect for mobile sphere and carrier traffic. You have to sell various services, apps or content here using your marketing skills and tools. A specific thing about all this is that users’ carrier account is used for making purchases.

Some more tips how to choose offers

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As you know now, the first step is to choose a vertical. There are several important things here:

1. You should have some knowledge about it or at least be ready to apply substantial efforts to this.

2. The vertical has to be able to deliver enough traffic.

3. It has to show some growth and not be at the decline stage.

NOTA BENE! Use the FULL LIST of AFFLIATE PROGRAMS to choose that you need.

Now let’s move to offers. Of course, you’ll first look on payouts. Still, there are a couple of other things that do matter. It’s what you actually need to do to get conversion. How strong the competition is? What kind of traffic does it accept? What are daily caps? Choosing an offer is a step by step road. The final result depends only on the direction you’ll follow.
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