How our Surrounding affect us and how ICO projects can help



Jun 26, 2018
In which way cryptocurrencies and ICO projects can help our cities making their infrastructure better or “is government very needed for making roads?”
Let's try to figure this out

To begin with, our surrounding is really important for us - it simply defines who we are, while in the other hand, we define how it is. So all of us are really tied to what is out there: on the street, in the neighborhood, city, country or even the whole world. People used to take care about things that are in the list by themselves, this last for long, though, when the countries appeared, in their modern form, somewhere between XII and XIII centuries a lot of things happen.

Now there is a permanent organization that can look after our common property, such as parks, roads, squares, and even after our own, for example lay tiles near your house. And all they want for this is nothing, but a small, in words, incredibly big, in fact, part of your money.

Some governments work properly, so no one can accuse them is nothing. One of these is the monarch and administration of Japan. There are some business that are now being runned by the 46th generation of the family - so you can be sure that your property in Japan will be even safer than somewhere in EU.

Japanese hotel which is being controled by the 46th generation of its founder

On the other hand, government there has recently passed a law that requires tourists and, what is more, common citizens to pay a special fee crossing the border. So even a good government can do very bad things. Returning to the previous question, can you be sure in that no one will ever come to you and gently ask to give them what you own because the country is in need. Such has already happened in Russia, it also happened in China, so anyone can face it, even in those places where people trust the “monarch”.

So anyway, a lot of people believe that the owner is the only person who knows what should be done with what he owns. What is more, the common property can be run properly only by all the people of the community (city, neighborhood, etc.). In this case, there is a perfect basement for different ICO projects to develop. For example, we can already see a great number of platforms dedicated to roads and infrastructure. What has been fully controlled by laws is now being changed. Products created by different ICO projects means honesty and fairness. Because using the platforms you are the only person who defines what will be and no one can say you what to do - this is the new era where all are waiting for, isn't it...

What next? In dreams of crypto enthusiasts the government control over the country will be becoming less and less, while common people are getting more and more control over the property. This is long-term and very powerful trend, that can be seen even now, and how you think now. Is it a good opportunity to invest in something that will only be more used in the future and what will give you a unique instruments to take full control over what you own.
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