How Government control People via Media and what way ICO projects can affect this



Jun 26, 2018
Media used to be very important information propagator, in fact not long time ago it was the only one. Due to the lack of competitiveness we could see media sharing content of very low quality, like it is always when you have no one to compete with.


Being the only one traditional media couldn't manage to save their popularity when the internet appeared, when literally every of us became able to upload whatever he'd like to. In theory, big amount of people creating content online would have caused this content becoming better and better and at some moment media hadn't kept their audience, because all the people would prefer to get more in quantity as well as quality content on the web instead of old TV or even elder radio. In fact however, the scenario described before has never taken place and there are several reasons why it won't either.

First of all, a lot of people either have no access to the internet or they simply don't want it because they are used to old technologies. And it is very bad for the society in general - it can't afford to have people who out of the technology flow these days. This way it is one of the biggest problems for developed countries, to make their citizens developed as well. Another problem consists in that lots of governments don't want their people to be independent or have freedom in thought, internet has been offering an unlimited source of information that has ever been in the world, that's why lots of ICO Projects and crypto technologies have been fighting hard to gain independence. People owning that knowledge may be very unsuitable for the country leaders due to the fact it's hard to take control over them.

Hopefully modern technologies and old nanny math are developing more and more quickly. And for the first time internet has an opportunity to become what it was thought to be by its founders. Cryptocurrencies and a variety of ICO projects can affect internet and make it great again, what is more, they are going to affect such an old and unprogressive thing as media. Getting competitiveness into the industry that either is owned or strictly regulated by government will make it better in all ways.
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Mar 4, 2019
mass media dead, decentralization, new bloodless revolution!
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