How G20 summit might affect the investment industry



Jun 26, 2018
Members of G20 are going to discuss future ways of preventing criminals using cryptocurrencies for payments.

According to Cointelegraph countries of G20 will be talking about regulation of the crypto industry in 8-9 June.


The meeting will take place in Japanese city of Fukuoka: financial ministers and heads of national banks of 20 most influential countries will be engaged in a negotiation in effort to create new world-wide algorithms to fight with illegal actions that uses Bitcoin and other popular coins - these are mostly money laundering and terrorism financing.

According to local medias state parties will be trying to find out why anonymity ( that is one of cryptocurrencies features) is against laws and as sequence must be forbidden.

In particular they are highly interested in creating instruments for strict rules of user authentication in Bitcoin-transactions.

The first results of these instruments, which G20 countries have been working on for a year by now, will be shown publicly in the year 2019.
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