High Percentage of Women Investors In Bitcoin: Grayscale Survey



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Dec 10, 2019

A report that has been published on Dec 4 by BTC operator says that 43% of investors in the Bitcoin are women. This study involved 1,100 UN investors that were of the age around 25 to 64. This survey was done between March 28 and April 3, 2019. Each of these respondents was involved in personal investing. It was held at least at $10,000 in the assets that were at least $50000 in household income. It was believed that Bitcoin will be male-dominated but that did not happen. According to the reports, cryptocurrencies are believed to be male-dominated space. Google Analytics also says that 90% of people that are engaged in Bitcoin marketing are males. Data also suggests that women also have shown a great level of interest in Bitcoin, lately.

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