Have never thought of investing in Health? This is why you should



Jun 26, 2018
What popular ICO projects platforms can offer you and especially your health

A variety of ICO projects are going to change the way you live, but the only thing without no one's life would be a life at all is your health - and this is another aspect of nowadays society that should be reformed.


Health industry develops very fast, while companies involved in it gains huge amounts of money simply because they do very hard and important work. The last year healthcare was the most challenged by real-world evidences, what is more, Artificial Intelligence was widely used in pharmaceutical and medical researches. For example, AI now helps to find cancer very accurately and helping the patients to prevent the illness developing at the very first stages.

And these days there are more than two hundred ICO projects that are aimed at the medical industry, big part of them are about to bring lots of helpful AIs just as one mentioned before. No less of them, however, can help every person even if you have no problems with your health. And this is medical insurance, which is necessary to visit any foreign country and might be important in your own, unless you have either good medicine or any free help at all.

A great number of insurance companies offer you their services, but almost all of them are simply useless, because of both inside and outside problems. The biggest of the first group are corruption and inefficient workflow due to the lack of competitiveness with other companies, which is caused by that lots of insures are government's or under very strict control - in fact, one of the outside problems of the insurance industry. Companies can neither work properly paying no special fees nor be independent from the big brother eyes.

Fortunately blockchain and ICO projects can help you in getting quality insurance including the medical one easily. With no need of long time approval or pitfalls that will be found as soon as you need money the company owns you - in case of using decentralized insurers all people who take coverage of the exact company will be guarantees of your safety.

To sum up everything, ICO projects can really help to boost and develop an industry old as the civilization, giving doctors AI to make more accurate samples in order to prevent illnesses, giving well insurance deals to common people so they were able to pay their medical bills.
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Feb 27, 2019
That's true that there are many misconceptions that blockchain technology is only about money. There are lots of ways it can be used.
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