Halloween Costume Ideas for Crypto Traders



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Jun 18, 2018
Come on, show me your Halloween costume! Are you going to hit the most fun and sinister party in that outfit? Leave your old fashion vampire/witch costume for your grandma — today we will show you how real crypto traders dress for Halloween party. Disrupt Halloween!


Satoshi Nakamoto: Come in regular clothes. When anybody asks who you’re dressed as, say Satoshi Nakamoto.

Banksy painting: Wear costume with luxury labels. When people compliment you on your outfit, tear them off in strips.

Blockchain: Come as you are. Promise every party guest you can solve their problems, and if they ask how just keep whispering “on the blockchain.”

Sexy blockchain: Blockchain costume, but with more leg.

The bull market: Dress as a bull, but walk hunched over, cowering and carry a cane. In a "senile" voice, tell everyone you meet that you’re going to live forever.

Stablecoin: Put on gray suit and maintain a businesslike expression. Get so drunk, though, that you find it hard to remain upright.

Elon Musk and the shorts: Elon wears an “Occupy Mars” shirt and carries a folder filled with angry tweets in one hands and a marijuana cigarette the other. The short sellers trail Elon and heckle him. The effect is even better if they are wearing shorts.
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