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What is it about:
"The GlobalPensionFund, where as the first of its kind all contractual partners are secured by internationally highest possible legal claims, so-called legal opinions,
already offers you the chance to receive a pension in the form of a one-off payment directly and tax-free by 22.12.2020 at the latest." (quote according to operator information)

officially launched date: 14-11-2019

Costs & earning potential:
There are basically two ways of earning money, which differ only in the amount of the payout and thus the investment:

GPF1 (sum insured: 100.000 € per contract)
- less profit for bank
- 10.000 € per contract
- less profit for insurance
- 5.000 € per contract
- less profit for operators
- 5.000 € per contract
Single payment/payment (profit)
80.000 € per contract

for a GPF1 contract: 250 €
Examples of earnings/GPF1:
250 € (=1 contract) becomes 80.000 €
500 € (=2 contracts) become 160,000 €
750 € (=3 contracts) becomes 240.000 €

GPF2 (sum insured: 20.000 € per contract)
- less profit for bank
- 2.000 € per contract
- less profit for insurance
- 1.000 € per contract
- less profit for operators
- 1.000 € per contract
Single payment/payment (profit)
16.000 € per contract

for a GPF2 contract: 50 €
Examples of earnings/GPF2:
50 € (=1 contract) becomes 16.000 €
100 € (=2 contracts) becomes 32.000 €
150 € (=3 contracts) become 48.000 €.

Deposit and withdrawal options:
Deposit only by bank transfer [IBAN]
Payout only by bank transfer [IBAN]

Affiliate system:
Referral commissions are only available for directly sponsored persons (so-called Firstliner) as follows:

GPF1: 5.000 € per person
GPF2: 1.000 € per person

That means in plain text: You will receive your own referral link after you have purchased at least one contract (GPF1 or GPF2) for yourself and this has been paid for and properly booked by the accounting department, whereby your own status now appears as active. Whenever someone registers with GlobalPensionFund through the referral link and does the same (up to active status), you will be credited with commission.

Payment (incl. commissions):
According to the operator, the entire payment is to be made within 3 working days including referral commissions will be paid as soon as all contracts are sold, but no later than 22.12.2020.

Minimum age: 18 years
Maximum age: unlimited
Nationality: globally unlimited
Identification documents: ID card or passport
Proof of address: Consumption bill (electricity, gas, TC)
Minimum number of contracts: at least 1 Contract (GPF1 or GPF2)

Further information/experiences:
As a client, I have invested €6,750 in the GlobalPensionFund to date, or to be more precise, I have bought 27 x GPF1. In the event of a payout, I would receive 2,160,000 € as a payout through my own investment alone, i.e. without recommendation commissions.
For each contract purchase there is a single comprehensive contract, which contains a confidentiality clause, so that I do not make it available to my friends, relatives or even on the Internet.

However, I have enclosed proof of my investment:
GPF GlobalPensionFund purchase proof.png

Here is the notified payout:

GPF GlobalPensionFund payout.png

Further remarks:
For each contract purchase, in addition to the above-mentioned contract, there is a properly issued invoice for the bank transfer via IBAN to the contract auditing company, which, according to its own statements, has also checked the GlobalPensionFund and its initiators, as well as the actual existence of the €14 billion total volume. There is a proper email support (only on workdays, currently in German and English, just as the actual website is available in both languages).

Click here to go to the official website (to open the page please click on the following picture).

Best regards and if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to ask me.
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update: Customer meeting in Germany 22.02.2020
Just like last year 2019 a customer meeting took place in Switzerland in December, the initiators of the GlobalPensionFund are looking forward to the upcoming customer meeting in Germany, Frankfurt am Main, next week Saturday, 22.02.2020.

They had invited all customers from Germany who have invested at least 10,000 € in GPF contracts and expect a total of 69 customers from a wide variety of federal states and regions to participate.

Unfortunately I joined the GlobalPensionFund after December 2019, so I was not invited to the meeting in Switzerland last year, also because I have not invested 10k. But the good thing is that I have a very good contact to a German guy who is invited to the meeting next week, so I will report about everything he will tell me.

I wish you all a great weekend.
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