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Jun 26, 2018

Unfortunately, we will always cherish October 2018 as a month with no news about hardware. On the other hand, there were giant amount of events that are going to affect the industry a lot.

Overclocked and Boosted

For almost no reasons, companies producing the mining hardware often set some locks on their products. So most of ASIC miners don’t work as productive as they are able to. Companies say that they do it to prevent risks of fire and make their ware work longer.

In fact however, most of asics aren’t designed to work longer than a year, after what they are all sended to the dump, so it is more likely that you aren’t interested in your hardware to work longer than it can.

In this month firmware that can remove this lock was released. For Antminer Z9 and its Mini version. Instructions can be found here: unlocked frequencies Z9 firmware (free)

And the only hardware released in October is Baikal Miner BK-G28. After making Trump the new president of the USA, Russian hackers have nothing to do and decided to deep into the crypto industry and create mining hardware. By the way, Baikal nowadays produce one of the best ware on the market, so if you have never heard of them, it would be better to pay attention to what they do.

BK-G28 is designed to replace the old BK-x model that can no longer be bought. The new asic is three times more powerful (up to 28 GHS) and supports the same multiple algorithms; adding a new Grøestl to old X11, Quark, Qubit and some others.

You can already order the new asic on the Baikal official website, however the price is unknown.

Part 2. Bitcoin cause global warming?!

The latest researches have shown that bitcoin is going to increase the average temperature in the world on 2° Celsius to year 2033.

Result shows us that in case bitcoin continues to gain in popularity as fast as other new generation’s technologies, i.e. credit cards, our planet will become warmer.

Scientists from University of Hawaii at Mānoa have analyzed data about energy efficiency of modern bitcoin mining solutions as well as carbon footprint in countries where most large mining farms are.


According to the results, during the last year mining of only bitcoin contributed to 69 million metric tons of CO2 developed. However, it isn’t more than 1% of all emissions caused by humans.

The main part of energy used in bitcoin transactions consists in supporting the safety of distributed database which is called blockchain. This database uses computers from all parts of the world to calculate hashes and solve hard mathematical problems what is called mining. 10 minutes are needed to create a new block of transactions.

Online safety

Soon Mozilla Firefox update will bring us lots of new features, among which is protection from stealth cryptocurrency mining, according to vice-president of Mozilla Nick Nguyen. It will help users to keep their computing power away from such scripts as Coinhive. Which makes it real to mine coins using users’ power on websites they are at, this ‘technology’ is commonly used by administrators of websites as a replacement of ads.

Part 3. Bitmain's IPO

The largest Chinese hardware producer for cryptocurrency mining applied for running Initial Public Offering to HKEX (Hong Kong Exchanges). This information was published by Bloomberg.

Quantity of shares as well as IPO start is still unknown. The application was submitted unfinished and has still been editing.

However, the numbers, shown in the document might not be changed. By the way, according to it in the year 2017 Bitmain has earned $2,5 billions, and this number is rising, in the current year Chinese company has earned almost $0.5 billions more.

The original news about the IPO revealed in June, when Jihan Wu has announced that such step (maybe, even leap) is going to be the biggest in the history of crypto industry. Later, it was reported that Bitmain is planning to attract 18 billions via public offering.

Part 4. Software

Big amount of software updates was released this month, these include Wildrig, Zjazz, Dredge, however, if you have been using them you know about all the details and there is no need to talk about them. But there’s need to talk about brand new Braiins OS Wolfram.

Braiins is a well-known team that creates open-source software for bitcoin mining. The last Wolfram OS was created to improve the quality of Antminer Z9 asic. To do so, it uses technology called AsicBoost of BIP310 standart.


The software will probably do what it has to, without any problems however it might be better for you to test it on a SD card image at first. Then and only then you can go to settings to take advantage of saving 12-14% of energy.

New cryptocurrency

More and more algorithms appears, hope we soon will see lots of new proof types coming. Among the latest algorithms one of the most interesting is X22i, it offers so named quantum resistant in the SWIFFTX algo chain. The new SUQA cryptocurrency uses X22i hashing algorithm and a new proof type. This coin can be mined on GPUs, but it has support only NVidia cards at start.

SUQA reward for block is getting lower fairly fast, so it was a good idea to start mining it at the very beginning. The coin also offers 5% of APR, however during the first three months of the project it was rising as quick as 25%.

If you want to mine SUQA, you should take a look at a few most interesting software solutions:

  • ccminer, in case you have NVidia
  • zjazz beta version of CUDA miner. Works almost two times faster compare with official SUQA software
  • The same zjazz has a version for AMD
  • Some mining pools
At the moment, SUQA is listed on two, not very big, but reliable stock exchanges. So it’s a good idea to buy or mine some coins before it will be listed on serious platforms. After listing, price of the cryptocurrency grows a few times and you’re able to sell it for good money. So don’t miss the chance!
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