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Jun 18, 2018
SharPay is probably one of the most attractive and profitable ICOs available on the cryptocurrency market. ICO SharPay is a new online ad project that allows advertisers to drive traffic to their sites, and users to receive rewards for sharing. As opposed to traditional analogues, SharPay provides multi-sharing of information, i.e. it makes it possible for users to one-click post the content on their pages on multiple social media at a time. Information posting becomes more convenient; moreover, after sharing each user gets blockchain-based tokens. The tokens are awarded both for being active on social media and for the click-thoughs on the posted links by their subscribers: the more subscribers and click-throughs — the higher the reward gained by the user who shared the link.

The SharPay button contains a code that is activated by clicking on the button. SharPay multi-sharing opens up new opportunities for the promotion of products, services and digital content. Thanks to the blockchain, the system has anti-cheat and anti-bot protection as well as audience targeting functions with payment only for link clicking.

You can easily download the button code with a personal identifier from SharPay website and integrate it into your site. After that, the SharPay button is ready for use. You can even redesign the button according to your website design — it can be any color and contain logos of social networks.

Today, SharPay button enables sharing across major social networking sites. Now Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Reddit, Telegram, Tumblr, Weibo, OK, Medium, Kakao are already connected to the multisharing of the working version of the SharPay button. You can also copy a direct unique link and share it yourself on forums, blogs and in comments. The SharPay team is continuing to work on connecting new social networks, like WeChat, Pinterest, QQ, G +, Viber, LiveJournal and others.

How it works for site:


How it works for users:


Digital advertising market is soaring, and blockchain technology would significantly boost its development through multisharing tools. SharPay is a new effective SMM tool that allows to increase conversions, number of active users, registrations, sales, and site traffic with minimal cost.

Technological Features of the Project

  • Easy integration for site owners. SharPay buttons can be embedded in any sites that are open for hird-party API integration. The SharPay button can be activated in a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Built-in targeting. Sites can target users to optimize payouts and equitable accrual of tokens.
  • "Social Capital". Users will be automatically rated and ranked within the SharPay system, depending on their level of social network activity. Popular users will receive decent reward.
  • Anti-cheat protection. The anti-cheat mechanism protects service against bots and markups, so site owners pay only for high-quality visitors.
  • Easy to use. User performs his usual actions by sharing interesting content and receives tokens on his account. In the future, the user will receive a personal private key and access to the balance for SharPay token transfer or withdrawal.
  • The financial assets involved in the ongoing Token Sale campaign, in the next 3 years will be aimed at achieving the goals defined by our Roadmap. The key expenditure items for us are "Development" and "Marketing and sales.»

Sharpay’s Team and Advisers

The developers' and advisers' team of the project includes well-known blockchain experts, fintech & ICO lawyers, developers of mobile apps and other pros.


The ICO SharPay makes a good impression:

- The online advertising market, on which SharPay is focused on, is promising and fast-growing.

- There is a working version of the product.

- The project has an experienced team with specialized and interdisciplinary skills.

- Partnership with the world's largest social networks and instant messengers.

- The website and the White Paper contain complete info about the project and detailed platform’s work layout and business development.

- The limited issue of tokens with freezing of their significant part and buyback option will not allow to drop the token price.

There were only concerns about a large number of competitors in the field of online advertising. Nevertheless, everyone would like to believe that this well-done project with the working version of the product will be developed like clockwork.
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