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Apr 16, 2018
This section was created for the exchange of useful experience and knowledge. To get a more comprehensive answer to your question, please, use the following Posting Guidelines:

  1. Make your question as clear as possible;
  2. In order for a question to be posted on the site, it must be published with a title. For example, you can write a short form of your question in the title — ‘What is a Token?’, and more expanded version in the posting form — ‘Could somebody explain in simple terms what is a token and how does it differ from crypto coins?’
  3. If you are an expert in the field the question raised, please, share your knowledge with the members of the forum.
  4. The most interesting and useful answers will be marked by forum credits and will raise the author's reputation on the forum.
  5. When publishing a Question or an Answer, be sure to specify the post category by selecting the prefix ‘Answer’ or ‘Question’.
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Not open for further replies.

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