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Apr 4, 2020
Please register an account and download Binbon APP before you read this essay:
Register now and get $100 USDT bonus

Bingbon is a CFD platform.

You can buy contract on Bingbon and earn USDT or Bitcoin.

Bingbon - Basic operation
1. After registration, click where red arrow points to and enter 「CFD Trading」



Click to choose USDT or VST. (VST is provided for simulating)
You can test your invest strategy with VST


3.Trade interface

After depositing USDT into your account, you can start buy CFD.

4.Your Order

1. Unrealized Profit does not mean true profit before you close this order.
2. Transaction fees will be calculated after you close this order



Contract Trading Rules (USDT)
1. Procedure fee: The handling fee is adjusted by 0.075%. The average price for opening and closing positions is calculated once based on the transaction amount. (Transaction amount = principal x leverage)
2. Interest rate: The interest rate is 0.02 ~ 0.03%. After holding the position, it will be exchanged once every day at 0.8.16 points, accumulating daily. Closing the position on that day is not recognized. Calculated by transaction amount. (Transaction amount = principal x leverage)

1. Single limit: the minimum transaction amount is 20 USDT, and the maximum transaction amount is 50,000 USDT (transaction amount = principal x leverage)
2. In order to limit the maximum trading risk of users, the maximum net position of a single user is limited to 200,000 USDT. (The calculation method of net position: if there is a buy order of 500 USDT and a buy order of 400 USDT, the user's net position is a buy up of 100 USDT.) That is, a buy order, a buy and a fall order can be hedged with each other. . The open interest is calculated based on the transaction amount.

Take Profit and Stop Loss
1. When placing an order, the system recommends specific stop loss and take profit positions by default. The recommended position for stop loss is the price at which 90% of the principal is lost. Take profit position, recommended according to leverage.
2. Support customized stop-loss and stop-loss prices when placing an order.
3. The maximum take profit level of the system is 95%. That is, when the loss of 95% of the principal, the system forced stop. Also known as liquidation, liquidation.


Professional digital asset management platform to solve financial services such as digital asset wealth management and trading for you, and is committed to helping users achieve digital asset value-added!
Of course, the good Yingbibao APP must be downloaded as soon as possible. The faster the download, the faster the profit! The wealth management of the Buddha Department depends on bingbon!

There are already many people on this fortune train
What are you waiting for! Quickly join Bingbon Yingbibao!
The top world of wealth is waiting for you!


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