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Ex BlackStone and Goldman Sachs financial analyst.
Dec 8, 2019
New York City
Everyone wishes to get better in life, live stress free, travel and tour the world at will, have a coveted millionaire or billionaire status and be able to acquire and possess properties that would help make their life easier and meaningful right?

Some of us have various business ideas or are inventors or seek to get a good paying job or rather have tried to indulge in various silly acts to get funds but you need to ask, can this financial freedom ever possibly be achieved?

Almost everyone under the sun must have heard of the financial markets, like I mean seriously why are you even on the website as a visitor or a member? Aren't you here to get better? Yeah, yes, I felt that positive nod.

Well your a novice, amateur or ignoramus or rather still a professional, an expert or have a smattering of how to grow right, relax cause I'll take my time to guide you along the way.

There are millions of ways to make money legit-ly and still be stress free but it comes with a price which is called EDUCATION, yeah, you must be ready and willing to learn, you must invest in knowledge in order to grow and mitigate countless risks.

Who are you? You might ask that. I'm Steven, I've been in the financial industry for 17+ years. Have worked with Blackstone and Goldman Sachs for 7 years and 9 years respectively and experienced the finance world from the sell side more. I'll take my time to guide and tutor you fellas on here as much as I can.
Yeah, as of now I'm making up a curriculum or brochure to help educate especially the laymen here.

Visit and check out this thread plus future others for updates.
Mucho Besos.
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Ex BlackStone and Goldman Sachs financial analyst.
Dec 8, 2019
New York City
Hello guys, Let's focus on the basics of Finance now. Take your time to go through this thread in order to understand the Complex industry.

Finance is simply the management of money, the allocation of various assets, liabilities and funds. it is also associated with various activities such as borrowing, lending, investing, budgeting and forecasting.

Finance is divided into 3 parts,
  1. Personal finance
  2. Corporate finance
  3. Public or government finance.
We will focus only on personal finance as that's what we are all here for. To grow our personal finance.
Now Personal Finance is simply self explanatory, it's simply the management of personal funds which helps individuals grow Their funds to achieve various goals.
Personal funds can be invested in different assets ranging from equity to real estate etc.

Now in order not to bore you all and drag you back to school let's go straight to the point of investing.
We'll talk about the financial markets which is actually where we should be in now. But we'll talk about this in relation to personal finance.

The Financial markets Is a marketplace where financial assets are traded by buyers and sellers. Such assets include currencies, real estate, bonds, stocks etc.
Financial assets are simply instruments that are indulged in or that make up the markets, for example you can understand them as things you buy and sell.

The Financial Markets is divided into 8
  1. Money market
  2. Capital market
  3. Foreign exchange market
  4. Commodity market
  5. Derivative market
  6. Futures market
  7. Insurance market
  8. Over the counter market
Each of this markets will be elaboratively explained and talked about in relation to personal finance.

Here we'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the financial markets. Just like every thing on earth the markets has both good and bad sides, we talk about some of those here.

Advantages :
1. It is a platform that brings together buyers and sellers. This helps to foster Demand and Supply which helps in determining the price of different assets.

2. It helps both companies and individuals to raise funds Both for the long term or short term.

3. Strict regulations and rules help the investors to gain confidence, make assets to be liquid and can grow the economy.

4. It helps to reduce unemployment as many people tend to start investing, Become successful and live a better life.

5. It can have or might not have a physical location thus making it very flexible. For example, currencies can be traded from anywhere in the world, stocks can be invested in in exchanges, over the internet or on the phone.

6. Some markets are very huge with trillions of dollars invested on a daily basis and trillions more made in profits, for example the forex market. Some are very small with millions invested per day, for example the Derivatives market.

Disadvantages :

1. The financial markets are so large that they have lots of formalities and things to learn, many newbie investors may not find this attractive as it can be time consuming to learn.

2. It can be very unpredictable and volatile especially for the newbies and presents a lot of Risk. Funds invested can easily be lost especially when they are done with lack of knowledge.

3. Sometimes the prices if assets such as stocks, currencies may not have true value due to factors like taxes, inflation, government policy, etc.

4. Due to strict rules and regulations there can be government interference which can limit potential growth, for example in USA brokers are not allowed to have leverage above a certain level.

Now we've taken a bit of our time to understand the financial markets and their advantage and disadvantages, next up is to further explain each part of the financial markets listed above and how people just like us can invest and indulge in them.

Stay tuned for more....
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