Ethereum has been working on a previously unknown project



Jun 26, 2018
Ethereum developers are planning to implement new strategies aimed at making the second most popular cryptocurrency more used. This also includes a new, previously unknown, update that’s going to make technological functionality much bigger - coindesk says.


Publishing refers to the transcripts of private meetings during DevCon4 conference in Prague. There they have talked about update called ethereum 1x, that seems to be ready as soon as the 2019 summer.

Transcripts’ authenticity was proved by one of the meeting attendees, who prefers to keep his identity secret. According to what he said, this proposal is still on a very early stage of development, so it can not be discussed publicly. Other developers refused to give any comments at all.

What is more, official inside-company document with transcriptions of all the meetings was published on github of EVM engineer Greg Volvin.

At the same time, Parity developer Afri Schoedon says that he knows nothing about plans of doing such big update in the nearest future.

According to information, one of the meetups was attempted by founders of startups, such as Ethereum and Consensys as well as by lots of other influential people of the industry.

How you can see from the published documents, Ethereum workers feel big pressure, because they now have to show the update’s road map to the society and explain the reasons of such rush in implementing update. Meanwhile, during the conference they have also discussed some smaller updates that used not to be bound with 2019 Constantinople hardfork.

In this, by the way, includes a potential replacement EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) that supports work of smart contracts code. Establishment of such called “rental” was discussed as well, it consists in fees on saving smart contracts and other smaller improvements. About rental, that is aimed at making blockchain grow not as fast, Vitalik Buterin has noticed that implementation of such mechanism will require huge changes.

You should also notice, the publication’s publicity itself is extremely important. While most of the developers are says about how it’s important to keep the work in secret, Vitalik keeps his work public, he’s against private talks and close forums.

At the same time, Afri from Parity has been tweeting about the information, emphasizing on that he’s very disappointed because such secret meetup had place.
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