Cryptovalues: Why They'll Change the World

Olena Dubchak

Olena Dubchak

May 8, 2020
Every year, sceptics complain about the possible rapid disappearance of cryptovolves, and each time they are disappointed. Even in difficult crisis times, the cryptovoltaic industry is gaining momentum, becoming popularized and becoming an integral part of our lives. This article will present facts that confirm that Bitcoin and other altokhoins were able to change our world.

How Bitcoin Became Part of Our Lives

The history of creation of the world-famous cryptographic currency is not known to all. Bitcoin was revealed to the world in 2009 by a team of co-operative programmers. Their names even at the moment remain unknown, despite attempts by the media to shed light on this case.

At first, very few people knew about the existence of the project, but even then it managed to have a great impact on the world. The idea was also picked up by the developers of other similar algorithms.

A couple of years later Litecoin was represented on the market, another year later - Ripple, and in 2015 Ethereum Buterina was launched. Each project had its own concept and distinctive features concerning the technical side of the issue. Over time, digital currencies have managed to become an investment instrument and even some states, like Venezuela, have made their own crypt currency.

Peak of Cryptovolta Market Development

Soon ordinary people will find out about cryptovalues. The value of coins began to rise after that. The highest VTS price was fixed at the end of 2017. Then the value of the cryptovolta was equal to $20,000.


From that moment on, the industry began to be filled with new investors attracted by the prospect of high earnings. Many experts even put forward the theory that the market crash in 2018 was due to inexperience of traders and the highest demand.

At one time demand for Bitcoin began to fall and reached its historic low, having a critical price of $3,200 per coin. However, the situation got better in 2019.

Technical Side

Bitcoin has really influenced the world, but it should be noted that this credit belongs mainly to the Blockchain technology, which was introduced into the cryptovoltaic system. The Blockchain is a system with which metering and distribution are performed, and its blocks are a circuit open for study but closed for modification.

The technology is universal, it simplifies data storage and transmission in many areas of life, such as logistics, credit, insurance, medicine and social security. Blockchain has even achieved that many large companies can no longer do without it. And this is just the beginning.

On May 11, there was a half award for one block of bitcoin, most experts say about the change of the trend and new record marks. On the other hand, Vitaly Buterin and his cryptocurrency Ethereum, which is due to move to PoS Mining in July.

Legislative Status and Specifics of Application

The popularity of digital assets has led to their use in a number of financial transactions. This led to the need for a legislative framework. In America, crypt currency was even officially legalized.

Today, cryptovolta is also used in ordinary life. With its help it is possible to pay for some goods in the public catering and entertainment industry. Even some smartphone manufacturers have already rushed to equip the new models with a crypt currency wallet.

Where Are We Going With This

This year's prospects for the cryptovolta are huge. Despite the fact that the situation in the world is unstable, Bitcoin has proven to be a reliable investment. Investors are increasingly recommending it.

Not so long ago, Yoda X cryptovite appeared in the world. The project is young, but it is predicted a great future. The network is designed to make payments with a small commission and very quickly. The idea is not new, but if implemented correctly, it can shoot. Yoda X may have an impact on the market in this way:

1. Creation of a B2B marketplace.

2. Ability to exchange cryptov currencies directly in the network.

3. Mining of collective type with high profit.

It is assumed that the initial issue will amount to 20 million coins, and the final one - 20 billion. The yield on the number of coins in the wallet is pleasant - a month from 100 coins can get 11%, from 1000 coins - 10%, from 10000 coins - 9%, etc.

The payments themselves will be tied to plastic cards. There is no need to purchase special equipment for token molding.

You can't say that the system is perfect, but better than many of its predecessors. The need to form pools in which control of the network will be concentrated is eliminated.

The profitability of a coin depends on several components. It is influenced by the structural turnover, the size of the balance of the wallet and the period for which funds were frozen.

As you can see, you can make money on PoSMining. There's nothing complicated about it. If there's money you can't afford to invest, it's worth a try. The future is in cryptov currencies! And in the present they are already used quite actively.


At the moment, most traders are actively investing and trading only in pairs with large cryptov currencies. Most new cryptovalues are still young, and their teams need the support of major players in the market. My opinion remains, as always, in favor of the TOP 10 cryptovalues, but we cannot rule out the growth of new projects, thank you for your attention.
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