Cryptocurrencies were literally Developed to pay for Coffee



Jun 26, 2018
The world's most famous chain of cafes Starbucks has recently announced that they are about to start accepting crypto as a way of payment in all of their restaurants. As far as we know all the soft for this purpose will be developed by Bakkt and will make it real to exchange bitcoin into US dollar immediately.

The first people to become able to pay for coffee in crypto will be citizens of the United States, such payment option will be available before the end of the year.

According to the information revealed by insiders, Starbucks got a big part of the Bakkt company even though it has never officially been an investor. Both companies have found common ground and even have some documents to be signed, however, contract terms and numbers weren't announced yet.


Bakkt is one of the most important players of the crypto industry that has been affecting the price of the bitcoin. The main aim of the company is to develop a stock exchange with bitcoin as a base currency for all traders, but the dealer of the platform was postponed a few times due to many reasons including American financial regulator. This is a really long story that won't be finished soon, so stay in touch whether crypto is what you are interested in.

While world class restaurants are interested in technologies of the future, other people think different.

In their opinion Bitcoin isn't as great as we used to think of it. For example, one of the Apple founders, Steve Stephen Vozniak, who says that the way Bitcoin price has been going isn't the fall of its value, but a normal process every technology been through so far.

What is more, Stephen thinks that Bitcoin is much less powerful that it is considered to be. For example, it is a really good payment option for paying in restaurants as well as for international travels, as a long-term investment option however, it's one of the worstest things that are on the market these days.

He has such opinion due to a few factors: to begin with, Bitcoin is very young and there are giant amount of inexperienced “traders” that affect the price a lot making fairly bad decisions. This is by the way, one of the reasons why it is so hard to predict bitcoin price movements. This is, how Apple founder describes, why bitcoin is no more than an interesting experience, but not a serious financial instrument some people would like it to be.
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Mar 4, 2019
getting ready for the bull run, bitcoin rulez! )


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Jun 18, 2018
It is noteworthy that this info appeared in the press last year. Then Starbucks' management stressed that coffee shops will not accept the crypto directly -- Bakkt platform will automatically convert Bitcoins to US dollars at the moment of payment.
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