Crypto Growth Bot- multiply btc,ltc,eth



Oct 27, 2018
the name of the program:

-Crypto Growth Bot

Start date:


Profit plan:

-2.8% per day for 60 days

Referral program:

3 levels:

Minimum deposit and withdraw:

-0.003 BTC
-0.03 ETH
-0.2 LTC



Program description (legend):

Crypto growth bot is based on the Telegram Messenger application. It is used for business communication, between the company and the client, and through it we service our account and earn money.

Crypto Growth Bot is a telegram bot that has provided one of the first investment opportunities in cryptography supported by the well-known, multi-million dollar Australian company The Berlin Group (ABN 46 604 311 300) with offices located in Suite 34/1 Ricketts Road Mount Waverley, Victoria Australia 3149, with real people (CEO Joachim Gerhard Werner Pydde), real business and a noble cause that will benefit the future of all mankind. Their official website: The Berlin Group where you can read about the company's investments, plans for the future, see documents confirming transparency, and in the coming days, a film showing the company's office and the area where construction works begin recycling in Australia. What's interesting, the company has already released 3 bots! There is also a bot [BCH, ETC, DASH] and a bot [XRP, XMR, ZCASH] which also give the possibility to multiply crypto 2.8% per day for 60 days.


The company derives revenue from COFFEE DISTRIBUTION and reduction of storage and recycling of materials to produce cheap homes and to keep the oceans, seas and waterways clean. Some may not know, but in Australia there is a strong emphasis on ecology, recycling and there are many supporters of caring for our planet.

Sources of income:

- Distribution of coffee
- Grants for research and development
- Private equity investments.
- Joint venture credit lines.

The managing director of The Berlin Group and Crypto Growth Bot is Joachim GW Pydde, who comes from Germany, but is a full Australian citizen and has an Australian passport. The company has a site designed and located in Geelong, which it plans to transfer to soon, also in Victoria, Australia.

Official page:

>>> The Berlin Group <<<

How to start earning? ️

️You must first download the Messanger Telegram application

Telegram Desktop or from the Google Playlub App Store

️ The Telegram account is set up on our telephone number. The application is 100% safe and it is a high quality communicator. Give at least your name and the first letter of the surname or first and last name in the name for later verification.

Then click on link below or we can click immediately and launch Telegram in your browser.



Then click START and we have a prepared bot.

You must now make a deposit. Min. 0.003 BTC, 0.2 LTC , 0.03 ETH.

Recycle Bot News <- under this link you will find the latest NEWS from administrators about what is happening with the project and what they are working on.


Some time ago, the company introduced KYC verification in the project. This involves sending a photo / scan of the first page of the driving license, passport or other document confirming the identity. You can blur the address and personal data. It is important that the first and last name match the name of the Telegram account, or at least the first name. To verify it, go to the VERIFICATION BOOK: >> RB Validation Bot<< This is important because there have been fraudsters who exploited system gaps and paid more than they should, which we all lose.

We send a scan of the driving license, passport or proof and a selfie with a telegram written on the card, which will be displayed to you and a document.

Such a verified account will provide you with security and stable operation in the project.

The company has recently signed contracts that provide its millionth revenue and state subsidies for a minimum of 3 years. In addition, it is extremely transparent which allows you to easily check its credibility. The project is available for every budget because it allows for a low minimum investment and reinvestment.


The number of people in the project is limited to 50,000 (currently over 18 000). If you do not intend to make a deposit, do not enter the bot

Let's remember about investment risk - we are never 100% able to predict the intentions of the admins or the truth about their sources of income. The above topic is purely informational, and the author is not responsible for any losses.


Oct 27, 2018
Today marks 3 months since Crypto Growth Bot commenced operations.
Take a moment to look back at what we have achieved in the time.
- 2 funding projects completed
- Acquisition of land/plant in Geelong VIC
- Secured a government grant
- Signing of agreements with various JV partners
- Released another 2 multi coin Bots - 9 coins in total
- Next site has been identified for development in Northern Australia.
- A global network of Senior Leaders and Executive members
- Access to the executive team, correspondence and transparency - never before seen in this space.
- There is still a lot of behind the scenes work being completed which will be announced over time!

- AND more huge announcements to be made this week!!


Oct 27, 2018
23.10.2018 joined the management of The Berlin Group Mr John Foley - with his person he brings the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) to the company, as well as over 40 years of experience as a practicing lawyer. Thanks to his great network of contacts with people in the government, industry and investment society, he has extensive experience in negotiations and representations with both state and federal governments. As a professional lawyer, he represented numerous institutions before various committees, tribunals and courts. sources:
Citigold - Directors | Citigold Corporation
John Foley | Australian Cruise Ports International


Oct 27, 2018
Starting on the 1st of November we launched 50 days of Christmas.
For the next 50 days starting on the 1st of November, Bot are accumulating 5% of all deposits made each day in each bot.
In total giving us an overall Christmas Stocking of funds to use for charitable causes.
This 5% will then be evenly split between the senior leadership team to distribute to their chosen beneficiaries.
This 5% taken WILL NOT come out of your deposit or effect ANY of your earnings.
Bot has the funds to sustain this generous offer to the less fortunate at Christmas time.
FULL transparency will be shown and posted for ALL members and public to see. Including an overall total accumulated, the even split between senior leaders, the chosen beneficiaries, and the giving of either gifts or funds.
Why are we doing this?
Because Christmas is about more than just us, it's about everyone, and if we can make even a small gesture to spread some smiles at this festive time of year, then that is what we will do.
We hope this clears up everything for the members not overly clear on the 50 days of Christmas.
Stay tuned for the 50 crypto fun facts that will be posted each day during our 50 days countdown
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