Casino. How to choose the exact for yourself?



Jun 26, 2018
If you have decided to test your luck in online casino, you should remember that choosing right place can make this way too easier. At the moment there’s a huge variety of institutions to choose from, however because of this it can be often hard to decide. So what to pay attention at when you’re looking for the exact one for you?

Searching of the place

Quantity of online casinos is getting bigger over the years. And they have become even more popular after spreading of cryptocurrencies. Playing using bitcoin makes it anonymous and safety. Even if you get big prize in bitcoins, no one asks you to pay taxes or confiscate it because of the prohibition of gambling in your country.

Despite the number of online gambling facilities, not every of them deserves your attention. Obviously, looking for the best of them isn’t easy task. What an average player wants from the casino? User-friendly interface, nice design or professional customer service.


At the very beginning check what software is used by the administration of the exact casino. In case the casino is honest, company that creates soft and place owner are different people, that have no influence at each other. Only thing that brings them together is that casino admin buys a license for using official software.

Find out some information about the developers. As usual, it is on the main page. If the casino is new and has no reviews or reputation, it isn’t a good idea to play there. What is more, you shouldn’t forget that devil is always in the details, look at site’s design or its filling, all of these have to be done at the highest level without any problems or gaps.

Criterion for choosing place to play

Let’s take a closer look at the most important of them:
  1. Legal status. It’s necessary for casino to have documents on providing gambling services. Look through these papers. At best, there should be a link to the regulator on every page.
  2. Reputation. Even owning so important papers doesn’t mean that casino have unfair bonus program or silent customer service. Find some reviews of other people before playing, look for them on specialized forums or blogs, but remember that such reviews can be easily faked.
  3. Software. Reliable soft - the most important factor. Play no games, but developed by trustworthy companies. At best, they have to be certificated by independent auditors. Then and only then you can be sure in quality of the casino.
  4. Territorial limits. Some sites don’t allow to register a play from certain place, whom they identify by IP. Sometimes casino may block nothing, but bonus program for such people.
  5. Financial problems. Learn more about payment systems and currencies casino accepts. For example, bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity recently.
  6. Bonuses. Modern casinos can’t even exist without some welcome bonuses, sales or cashback. All of these helps to make the game more interesting and exciting.
  7. Support. If you’re about to start playing, have a short discussion with the customer service. Ask a few basic questions and notice how do they talk with their clients. You have to be sure that support will immediately help you in case of some real problems.

While choosing an exact place for you to play in, make sure that it correspond to all of your personal requirements as well as advice from experts.

Choosing the right place for comfort game

There’s a mistake that is popular among all the beginners, it consists in start playing before you have red rules and terms. As a result, player can meet lots of problems and confuses. In fact, there’s only one obvious way to solve such problem - read rules. If casino give you no guarantees, it would be better to avoid it. If rules aren’t clear or you simply aren’t sure in their quality, you should take a closer look at the casino or even leave it.

Always pay attention to casinos’ withdrawals, its duration as well as conditions. Remember a simple rule: the casino is as reliable as low the minimum deposit size. And in its turn, the bigger withdraw rate (>95%) the bigger is casino’s reliability.

Casino reviews as an important factor

Beginners should also remember about such an important thing as other players’ reviews. But, when you read, hear or watch them don’t forget to analyze - not all of them are trustworthy and objective. Never trust very well reviews or ratings.

At best, it would be good to register an account on a forum dedicated to playing in casino. Meet some people there, have a conversation with them and ask a few questions to make everything clearer and chose the best casino to play in. But, don’t forget to count on the financial interest of a reviewer as well as the mark’s subjectivity. Always think straight, trust no one and do nothing until you have the full picture of a situation.
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