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Jun 17, 2018
In the digital world, bounty programs originate from online gaming platforms, which offered users a reward for participating in the development. In fact, bonuses are a stimulating mechanism. A company promoting a product or service pays customers a reward for performing certain tasks. For many business people, this is a key tool for advertising and promotion.

In the cryptocurrency space, bonuses are an important component of any ICO campaign. Many start-ups build a bounty program into the promotion strategy. Reward is paid for performing various marketing activities, testing software, searching for errors or even for advice on improving the structure of the project. Bonuses are usually in the form of tokens or (much less often, fiat money).

The ICO Bounty Structure
In the case of ICO cryptocurrency campaigns, bounty programs are traditionally held before or after placement. During ICO Bounty programs are not carried out.

Pre-ICO Bounty Programs

Usually they are held to increase the public awareness and present the project in social networks. Their goal is to draw attention to a startup and make people talk about it. To enter the market, informal advertising channels are often used.


Participants perform various tasks, familiarizing their environment with a future cryptocurrency. The list of activities in the framework of bounty programs prior to the ICO usually includes:

  • Promotional activities in social networks — They include activities to promote ICO in social networks. Each user's reward depends on the popularity of his/her publications. Typically, these campaigns are conducted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and other social platforms.
  • Writing articles — This program is designed for blog authors with a large number of readers. Bloggers receive bonuses for publishing articles about the ICO.
  • Bitcointalk Signature Bounties — A popular program for many start-ups, open to members of the Bitcointalk forum. The project team issues a signature with a link embedded in it. The reward depends on the number of referrals per link

After-ICO Bounty Programs

Post-ICO bounty programs are aimed at interacting with project enthusiasts. The most common types are:

  • Translation into other languages;
  • This program includes the translation of all documents related to the project into foreign languages and moderating groups in forums;
  • Error reports.
This campaign not only attracts new members, but also helps developers. As a rule, some tokens are allocated to bounty programs.


Details on the size of the bonus fund can be found on the project website, in White Paper or in the corresponding branch on the Bitcointalk forum. Bounty programs in the cryptomarket is a great way to participate in the development of the industry and earn tokens.

How to Take Part on ICO Bounties

One of the easiest ways to stay informed is to register on Bitcointalk and Cryptocointalk forums. Almost all ICO bounties are listed here. When choosing a bounty program, you should to assess several factors:

Startup Reliability. As you know, there are a lot of scams in the crypto world, so read all program materials carefully.

Correctness of the task. Be sure that you understand what exactly is required of you not to face unpleasant surprises.

Total number enrolled in the program. Usually, than more participants, the smaller a share of each.
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