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Aug 6, 2019
BITToken what is it ? or What is this BITToken ?

BITT is a local token for every crypto community! There are currently thousands of cryptocurrency projects. They all have their own characteristics, functions and tokenomics. Unfortunately, many of these projects have limited functionality when it comes to rewarding supporters and attracting new users. Also, there is no cross-community token that can bring crypto heads and newcomers together from different platforms and ecosystems. As a result, communities break up and reform.

BITTToken eliminates this problem. It is designed to reward group members and develop a fun and unique utility for any project. BITT is a gift token that will develop according to the needs of its owners. Members and affiliates of the Bittoken club will be rewarded for engaging with bitt platforms, being active in communities, keeping, hoarding and spending their Bitts. There is no pre-sale for BITT because the ideals of the project are focused on bringing value to communities rather than extracting capital from investors.The first community to accept Bitt as the local currency is Bitsquad. Token provides advanced features and discounts in the Bitswap DeX toolkit, provides a unique utility within Discord, and unlocks new and exciting possibilities related to NFTs and SANDBOX gameplay. Bitsquad's loyal members are highly acclaimed for their undying support for the BitBoy crypto ecosystem. They will be rewarded with Special Offers, Airdrops , discounts and more that will continue to evolve over the life of the project. Besides the award structure, bitt will also play an important role in supporting upcoming BITT products that will be added to the platform. Members can use the token to interact with the bitswap aggregator, the official BitBoy crypto NFT market, the BITSWAP wallet that supports ERC20, BTC and Polkadot, and to access Special Offers and content. BITT will also provide discounts on full-service Bitswap DeX along with advanced trading features such as limit orders, stop limit and leverage.

How to buy BITT ?

To buy BITT, you can click this link directly ( and you can get Bitt by replacing it with the token you want. BITToken will initially be collected in the uniswap and Mooniswap protocols, but tokens can also be purchased through direct NFT purchases, item collection in the sandbox, airdrops, and early KIT farming. A significant portion of the BITT supply will be distributed through betting with 25% allocated to the betting pool. this is the first package of advanced trading tools powered by DEXKIT. The aggregator searches more than 14 DeX protocols to find the best liquidity and price for swaps. DEX is a game for decentralized trading because it provides the best price effect and security when trading ERC20 tokens. Anyone with at least 2,500 Bittokens will receive a 90% fee discount when using the Collector. The owners will just have to pay .01% of fees in each trade. DEX is a professional trading tool that users can use to make smart transactions easily. BITToken will reward owners by expanding discounts on all BITT platforms when they are launched.

What do you need to know about BITT ?

The possibilities for the BITToken project are unlimited. Projects can leverage BITT in any way to benefit their community. The following are use-cases and features that BITToken will employ for the Bitsquad, but as the project evolves, more groups will assimilate BITT and devise new and exciting utility for their communities.

● Airdrops

o The BITToken’s primary function is as a community token. As the first community to onboard BITT as its native currency, the token will be ESSENTIAL for BitSquad members to access exclusive features in the world of BitBoy Crypto. Active members of the BitSquad will receive token airdrops for contributing to the community. Through active participation, users will earn BITT rewards in the form of airdrops. This includes engaging with platforms such as Telegram, Discord, YouTube, the Bitswap aggregator, and NFT marketplace, social media like Twitter, and any place you can find BitBoy Crypto content. The more users contribute and support these platforms, the more they will be rewarded.

● Discounted Subscriptions

o Several subscription services are being developed on in addition to the BitBoy LAB discord server. When users pay for their subscriptions with BITT, they will receive exclusive discounts. There will be huge promotions that will allow BITToken holders to maximize the value of their purchase.

● In-Game Content for SANDBOX

o SANDBOX is one of the biggest upcoming projects in cryptocurrency. There is a staggering amount of IP that will be available in the virtual world, and the Bitsquad has staked their claim on the map. SANDBOX is unique because each plot of land can be endlessly designed with unique wearables, items, and experiences. With the BITToken, the Bitsquad can explore and interact with every corner of Digital City, the BitBoy Crypto playground. The token will be the key to gaining access to secret areas, special unlockable content, and exclusive experiences that players can’t access anywhere else in the game. BITT holders also have the opportunity to rent shares of the BITToken estate and build unique creations!

● Staking Rewards

There will be 3 ways to stake: o Pool 1 - Stake BITT to earn BITT o Pool 2 - Stake BITT and hold a ‘Founding Member NFT’ to earn 50% of the ETH from the Bitswap fee pool o Pool 2 - Add BITT/ETH liquidity and pool tokens to farm 5000 KIT over 2 months o The first BITT staking pool is simple. Users can provide BITT and earn BITT rewards for doing so. In the second pool, stakers will provide BITT and hold a unique NFT to accrue a portion of 50% of the ETH from the fee pool based on their respective holdings in the staking pool. Users will immediately begin earning rewards as soon as they enter the pool and can exit the pool with no penalty. As soon as BITT is withdrawn, ETH is automatically credited to staker’s wallets. The last pool allows BITT/ETH liquidity providers to stake their LP tokens and farm a portion of 5000 KIT tokens over 2 months.

● Future Utility

o The BITToken project is constantly evolving and prioritizes integrating multiple products and services seamlessly into the diverse sphere of crypto communities. Members of the Bitsquad and other participating communities can expect to receive regular rewards for their support and contributions to the continuing success of the BITToken project. This is the core value of the BITToken and every future decision will be for the betterment of its holders because BITT is creating the largest and most dynamic community in crypto. The future of the BITToken project will be dynamically attuned to the rapidly changing crypto markets. Products and services will continue to be developed and the utility for BITT will expand dramatically along the way. The eventual result will be the most robust and valuable ecosystem in the cryptocurrency space. About Cross-Platform Utility

All of these products and features can be adopted and tailored to fit any community or ecosystem. Projects can launch their own aggregators, marketplaces, and even list BITT as their main currency on Discord and Telegram through the bot. To add the bot and integrate BITToken into Discord simply go to Once the bot has been set up type “$config currencies enable bitt” into After BITToken has been configured, users can transact with BITT from their native Discord wallet! BITToken’s Telegram bot will be added in Q2 of 2021.

Bittoken Links

● Website : (Click)

● Buy BITT : (Click)

● Contract Address : 0x9f9913853f749b3fe6d6d4e16a1cc3c1656b6d51

● Telegram : BiTToken (Click)

● Discord : Join the BitBoy Lab Discord Server! (Click)

● Twitter : (Click)

● Technical Article : (Click)
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