Not Paying HYIP – Bitles Ltd Review ??? [0.45% DLY for 98 Business Days, 10% RC]



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Jun 3, 2018
1,254 HYIP has been working since 14th February 2020. This HYIP is a mix of HYIP, Matrix, Piggybank. There are some unusual conditions, so let’s read the review carefully. Firstly, here is a detail How-To-Start tutorial:

There are no difficulties in registering and opening a deposit.
According to the website, Bitles LTD company with UK registration under 11975430 license number. It was incorporated on 02 May 2019. The platform team provides shareholders with passive income through trading via a unique Cryp-Spider system. The results of the trade are in the personal account on the Trading Live section.

HYIP’s Financial Part gives four ways to make a profit. Let’s concentrate on a guaranteed passive single way, which is used for HYIP investors.

Base. About 0.45% DLY for 98 Business Days. About 32% of the total net profit, $ 20 - $ 500, Principle Back. (Notice: Minimal deposit to Bitles is $ 50)​
Limited. About 175% After 98 Business Days (about 2.5% DLY). It is 75% of the net profit. $ 50 - $ 1,000, Principle Included.​
Medium. About 0.55% DLY for 98 Business Days. About 40% of the total net profit, $ 100 - $ 2,000, Principle Back.​
Stable. About 0.8% DLY for 160 Business Days. About 60% of the total net profit, $ 50 - $ 5,990, Principle Included.​
Optimal. About 0.65% DLY for 280 Business Days. About 30% of the total net profit, $ 100 - $ 2,500, Principle Included.​
Special. About 0.7% DLY for 280 Business Days. About 40% of the total net profit, $ 3,000 - $ 8,000, Principle Included.​
Premium. About 0.8% DLY After 280 Business Days. About 60% of the total net profit, $ 10,000 - $ 18,000, Principle Included.​
Maximal. About 0.9% DLY After 280 Business Days. About 80% of the total net profit, $ 20,000 - $ 30,000, Principle Included.​

How-To-Activate one of these plans tutorial:

It was hard to find an optimal offer for me at first look. Firstly, I put off plans with a minimal deposit of more than $ 500. I received five offers. Then I put off a Limited offer because it gives my principal with all accruals at the end of the deposit. I put off all plans with the Principal Included condition. So, I had only Base and Medium plans at the end.
The user with a $ 500 deposit will be receiving $ 2.25 daily on the Base plan and $ 2.75 daily on the Medium plan. There is no big difference in actual rates. Is the user has at least $ 100 for the deposit, it will be more profitable to choose the Medium plan.
Please, notice: the minimal amount to withdraw is $ 50. There is a 5% fee if the user withdraws his money once a week, or up to 10% if he will withdraw his money twice a week or more.
The support provides manual withdrawals for up to 96 hours. The investor can take early principal with a fee: Crypto Trading Bot | Instant Crypto Exchange | Proprietary Token | Crypto Store |
There is one interesting point of accruals. Users choose a bull or a bear during the opening of the deposit. Depending on the direction of the USD / BTC market, users can receive up to 1.25% per week.
Another way to accelerate profit is by buying BTL tokens. According to FAQ documentation and h Affiliate Program

The platform offers 10% as an affiliate reward. The upline can share this reward manually between 10 levels of structure. The user does not need an active plan to participate but needs to buy at least one plan for the order a withdrawal of partner rewards.
The active users also take part in a binary program with up to 10% bonus.
There is also a passive bonus from all daily accruals of downlines.

Payment Systems accepts only crypto: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH, BSV, TRX, NEO, NEM, WAVES, ZEC, XMR, DOGE, ETC, USDT (OMNI, ERC20). The user receives accruals in BTL internal currency, so he can withdraw money to any of the payment systems, regardless of the deposit payment system. Min withdrawal amount is 0.00533327 BTC ($50)

Technical Part

The unique script, template, IP-address.​
Cloudflare hosting, DDoS-protection, SSL.​
There is no info about the date of domain name registration.​

Summary HYIP is a super mix. There are investors in the HYIP industry, which prefer complex income offers as in Bitles. And what about you?
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