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Jun 26, 2018
During the last time blockchain build technologies are spreading into different industries, cryptocurrencies are getting more and more used and another crypto thing is gaining popularity. Puzzles, however not those we all used to, but those that will give you bitcoins for solving them.

Usually it looks like some sort of picture inside of which a phrase or a private key is hidden. As soon as you find it you get access to bitcoin wallet, address (public key) of which is shown with the picture.

Search for this wallet on, there you can make yourself sure that prize is really kept there, waiting to be won. In case the wallet is empty, the puzzle has already been solved and somebody withdrawal the money to his wallet or the riddle creator got his coins back (what almost never happens)

Real World Puzzle

The prize can be very big. For example, in riddle-painting of Rob Myers created in 2015 private key for wallet with 4,87 bitcoins was hidden. For today, it’s around $31,000.


It took three years to find the answer, on 1 February of the present year, the winner is over the hill coder have solved it. He prefers to keep his identity secret because Bitcoin is forbidden in country where he lives.

Binary code of the key was encrypted in lights along the painting’s edge and in symbols, located in the corners. By the way, he became able to see this only when he printed the picture in 4k resolution.

As the time went by, forums dedicated to solving such problems appeared. Despite the fact that only a single person will get the prize, users were still involved in discussion how to find the solution. To date, the most popular forum about bitcoin puzzles is reddit.

The most famous

In May another riddle with prize of 1 BTC was posted there. To get the key you have to solve the phrase consists of 24 words that are on the picture. With the picture author has also left nine hints, but in fact they can’t bring you closer to bitcoin even on a bit, i.e. the last steer looks like this: “-1”.


The easiest

On the same forum bitcoin puzzles with much lower prize can be found. If you’re interested in ciphers, try to solve this one.


The price now is only 0,005, so it should be pretty easy to find the solution. As an answer you have to find the private key - 64 digits number. Unfortunately, author provided you with no hints.

And of course, don’t forget to check the wallet here.
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